Hi! If you’re hear from reddit, you may know me as PrettySneaky71. Or you may not recognize my username,  and that’s totally cool and expected as well. Regardless of what I’m called online, chances are if you are here, you’re here because you clicked a link from a website having something to do with Survivor.

I’ve been a Survivor fan since the show premiered when I was 11 years old. One of the things that most captured me in this incredible series is the storytelling and the characters, and as an imaginative individual it didn’t take long for me to start wanting to tell a similar story of my own. I’ve been writing Survivor fanfics for my own amusement since 2009. The way I understand Survivor has evolved a lot since the first draft of Survivor: India, and the season has undergone many facelifts in the process. As I’ve developed this and my other stories, my interest in taking them from private to public has increased. It would be a lot of work and effort for me to pour into something that I keep entirely to myself. At this point, I feel confident enough share my stories with the public. Sharing something that you’ve not only put a lot of effort into, but something that is also decidedly quite nerdy is always a little nerve-wracking, so I sincerely hope I’m able to create a product that my fellow fans can enjoy!

My writing process is to let the story design itself. When developing the cast, I don’t create someone with them in mind as the winner, but rather  let the events of the story emerge as organically as possible. I then will rewrite and  before edit the core skeleton for consistency and better storytelling.

I will begin posting with the first episode of Survivor: India next week, ideally shooting for an update schedule of an episode a week. I’m really excited to introduce other fans to my world, and I’m hoping you’ll join me for the experience. See you soon!


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