Meet the Castaways: Day 2

Yesterday we met our first four castaways, and today we meet four more competing for the million dollar prize. You can see all the castaways here.

Ryan Infographic
Ryan will be the first one to admit to you that she’s been called a “bitch” before, but she claims she’s just “misunderstood” by “people with low self-esteem.” Ryan admits that her intensity can put people off sometimes, but she has no apologies for her headstrong attitude. A hard working student with a flair for style (she considers pigtails her “signature look”), she credits her success in the fashion world to her willingness to be cutthroat in her approach and stubborn when it comes to giving in. She doesn’t see anything wrong with being competitive, citing competition as a major driving force for her own personal growth. Her competitive nature is also brought out in her hobbies, such as playing tennis or Settlers of Catan with her boyfriend, who she lives with in Los Angeles.


Mathieu InfographicMathieu was born and raised in Kinshasa, the capital of what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and came to America with his mother and siblings after fleeing the political conflict and turmoil which engulfed the nation in the late 90’s. Ever since his childhood in a country rife with violence and civil unrest, Mathieu dreamed of somehow devoting his life to helping people, which motivated his decision to pursue medicine. A general practitioner, Mathieu prides himself on his own healthy lifestyle, specifically in how it is reflected in his body, which he is not shy about showing off. He recently entered his first bodybuilding competition, but feels the opportunity to play Survivor is worth the strain on his “temple.” He considers himself confident, flirtatious, and giving. Currently single, he hopes to use the money and the opportunity of appearing on Survivor to help raise awareness of issues facing immigrants and refugees.


Andrew Infographic
To his crew on the Majesty of Poseidon, Andrew is “Captain,” but he largely prefers to be “Dad” to his three children with Selena, his wife of 17 years. Andrew started sailing during family beach vacations in his youth, but honed his skills as a member of the US Navy in his 20’s. After he and his wife started a family, Andrew felt it was time to leave the military behind, not wanting to drag his family around behind him. He now spends half the year at sea during peak cruise season, and the other half at home with his family, where he enjoys watching sports, swimming, and playing poker. Andrew is passionate about his job, which combines his love of the sea with his love of making people happy, but he laments the long stretches of time he’s separated from his family. With years of leadership experience under his belt, Andrew is confident that this trip away from home will be well worth the sacrifice.


Jordyne Infographic
Chicago native Jordyne¬† thinks being “shameless” is a positive quality. “Having no shame means you don’t let other people get under your skin about decisions you make for yourself,” she says. It’s a mentality that credits with helping her withstand the judgment of others, such as her parents, who haven’t spoken to her since she started stripping two years ago. Having grown up in a family where money was tight and arguments between her now divorced parents were common, Jordyne feels she had to learn how to take care of herself at a young age, and thinks her self-sufficiency is her biggest strength. Jordyne says she couldn’t care less about the adventure–she’s playing Survivor for the money and she’ll do anything in her power to get it. A “social butterfly” who loves to cook, Jordyne would love to invest in a home where she’d be able to better host and entertain her friends. She also would like to use the winnings to pursue a formal education, possibly in fashion design.


There you have it–our next group of castaways! Do any of them have what it takes to outwit, outplay, and outlast? We’ll find out when Survivor: India premiers next week! Until then, stay tuned to meet the rest of our competitors.


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