Meet the Castaways: Day 4

It’s the final day! We’ve already been introduced to twelve of our sixteen castaways, who you can meet here if you haven’t already or would like a refresher. Let’s round out the cast and get to know the last foursome of players!

Shelby Infographic
Nothing bothers Shelby more than complainers. She feels she was raised to be a “problem solver” by her Taiwanese immigrant parents, who left almost everything they knew behind to gamble on a better life for themselves and their children. Having seen her parents and others in their community fight through “incredible odds,” Shelby feels that you can accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself if you’re willing to put in the work. She and her husband Adrian work hard to instill those lessons in their two children, 17 year-old Lila and 14 year-old Jonas. While Shelby has worked in the past as a business consultant and corporate trainer, she now writes an online column sharing her parenting experience, perspectives, and wisdom with frustrated parents seeking advice. She believes her ability to “talk sense” into people will benefit her in Survivor: India.


Marco InfographicMarco feels that over the course of his life, he’s learned that the biggest keys to success are flexibility and and an open mind. One of three children to first-generation Mexican American parents, Marco grew up in a very strictly regimented and traditionally Catholic household. This caused an incredible rift between Marco and his parents when, in college, he got his then-girlfriend pregnant. Despite originally feeling he had “ruined his life,” Marco took to fatherhood naturally when his twin daughters were born. His newfound passion for his children and their well-being inspired him to start a business helping other new parents as a childproofing consultant. Almost seven years later, he’s developed his business into the premiere high-end childproofers in Southern California, specalizing in developing custom pieces for style-conscious parents that are both child-safe and aesthetically pleasing. With a mostly upper class customer base, Marco admits he doesn’t really care about the money–he wants to win Survivor as an example to his daughters that they can do whatever they put their mind to.


Rex Infographic
Rex Richards will eagerly tell you that to his devoted fanbase he’s better known as “Rain-Man,” and is also known as “the most beloved meteorologist in Colorado and possibly the United States and/or the world.” “It’s not my fault I’m so charismatic, good looking and humble,” he states. He’s been on air at his local station for almost 20 years, and has become well known as a community staple for his humor and zeal. Rex claims he will do anything for get a laugh, and responds to accusations of being an attention seeker as “absolutely, 100% accurate.” “The great thing about being in your early 40’s like I am,” Rex insists, “is that I’ve got the wisdom to own who I am without apology.” He predicts a zero percent chance of him losing the game.


Irene Infographic
Irene is excited to play Survivor because of the chance for adventure. She feels it is an excellent opportunity to take a risk and push out of her comfort zone, a task she admits has been traditionally difficult for her. Irene has lived in the Dayton, OH area her whole life, including for her unfinished tenure at the University of Dayton, which she left after deciding school “wasn’t for her.” She’s worked a variety of jobs, having spent time as a server, call center representative, and dog walker. Most recently prior to Survivor, she worked as an associate at Hot Topic, a job which she claims to have enjoyed because it let her “hang out with weirdos all day.” Outside of work, she enjoys listening to and playing music, getting tattoos, and spending time with her pet rats.



That’s that! Thanks for joining me over these past few days to meet the cast. Now that we’ve seen all sixteen castaways, who stands out–in either a good or bad way? Which players will align, and which ones will lock horns? Will anyone make a big move? And who will win it all?

Survivor: India will premier with the first episode, “The Jafar of India,” on Monday, July 24th.

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