Jury Style: The First 7 Boots

Hey y’all!

Firstly–if you haven’t yet voted for Player of the Season, you can do so here. I know that there are probably more people reading than are commenting or upvoting, and I appreciate the support of all the readers regardless. It’s both humbling and exciting to see something you’ve worked hard on enjoyed by others. It would mean a lot to me to have as many people vote for the fan favorite as possible, so please–even if you haven’t participated in any way other than reading, I’d appreciate your vote.
Anyway, while I’m working on the finale, I thought I’d share some stuff lying around in my folder of materials.

I wanted to ensure my story that I wanted a strong visual element present from the beginning. I’ve experienced that one of the big obstacles to getting into a fanfic is that it can take a while to learn the characters outside of the show’s visual nature. The decision to use The Sims to create character models ended up opening a can of worms as I began to find excuses to make more and more stuff. So I ended up designing juror outfits for all the contestants, including the first 7 boots who did not get to serve on the jury. I figure why not share them?

Jill- Jury
Jill likes a little whimsy, but ultimately I felt she would take the jury seriously and wear something more age and situation appropriate.


Brock- Jury
I don’t know if you heard, but Brock is a model in New York??? I figured he is someone who would always look fashion forward and stylish.


River- Jury
I waffled between something formal and glamorous for River, in lieu of her profession; or something a little more wearable. The lack of braided hairstyles in the base game led me on a great search for Creator Content which I am now addicted to.


Ryan- Jury
Ryan loves fashion and is always looking for an excuse to wear something strong and editorial. And yes, she is still wearing pigtails.
Brett- Jury
Brett isn’t just no-frills, he’s anti-frills. Dress up, what do you think this is, his wedding?
Andrew- Jury
Keeping Andrew’s style nautical influenced made him easy to design for.
Rex- Jury
It was this or a zentai with a top hat.

Survivor: India concludes next week! It will be followed by the “live” reunion show, where the winner of the season will be announced, along with the location for Survivor Season 2! Hope to see you all there.


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