EPISODE NINE: Sharing is Caring

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With Zeke eliminated for the game, his remaining tribemates—Huang, Vince, and Charlotte—were devastated, and Charlotte vowed not to go down without a fight. She and Huang came up with a plan to send Vince to Exile Island if one of them was able to win the next reward challenge, and that’s exactly what happened when Huang pulled out his second individual challenge win in a row. On Exile Island, Vince learned the same information that had already been learned by most of the Koryok Tribe—that there were two idols hidden in the game.

Meanwhile, Huang chose to share his spa treatment reward with Sheena and Hannah, hoping that he could use his good looks and charms with the women of Koryok in order to build inroads with the other tribe. While Hannah was dazzled by the stunt driver’s muscles, Sheena was more interested in his strategy. She considered keeping Huang as a threat to take the target off her own back, opting instead to once again strike at Olivia, the mutineer whose idol had Sheena on edge for weeks.

While some members of the tribe were pampered, others pouted. Nick was clearly in a bad mood after the reward challenge, and Tallulah surmised that Nick was jealous of the growing relationship between Huang and Sheena, his closest ally. Despite his bad mood, Charlotte attempted to sway Nick’s favor. Meanwhile, Olivia approached Maurice about the deal Tallulah made on his behalf, putting Maurice on the spot.

At the immunity challenge, Sheena and Huang once again went head to head, but this time Sheena edged out the win. With Huang vulnerable, Nick wanted him out, but Sheena devised a plan to target Olivia instead. Nick was not interested, and became resentful, feeling as though his closest ally never listened to him. Tallulah cautioned Sheena to keep the target on Huang in order to appease Nick’s emotional nature. At Tribal Council, Tallulah’s pleas to Sheena worked, and despite his best efforts, Huang found himself the first member of the jury.

Eight remain. Who will be voted out tonight?


Romanov Night 24




A crack of thunder splits the silent forest as flashing lightning lights it aglow. Cold, heavy rain falls across the forested taiga as the Romanov Tribe returns from Tribal Council. Treetops bend in the wind. Torches are laid up against a tree as the players rush towards the shelter, looking to escape the cold of the night and the falling rain.


Olivia- Cold Weather
So sure enough, my name came up again tonight. Which is annoying, because it’s always coming up, but, uh, I’m still here, and I voted for the person who went home, so I do feel like at this point I’ve really proved my loyalty to Koryok, which is good  because I feel like I finally have some allies in this game. Sheena and Nick have made a deal with me to go to the final three, and so have Tallulah and Maurice, and now that I’m feeling like I’m really included in the tribe, I’m starting to really think I might be able to trust in those deals. And having two different paths to the end, that puts me in a pretty good position, actually. I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered.”



As the castaways settle in the shelter, Sheena pulls her knees to her chest, tucking them underneath her robe, grimacing slightly from the cold.


Sheena- Cold Weather
“Olivia didn’t play the idol tonight, which is frustrating, because it means if we could have gotten her out if we’d voted for her. So I’m a little annoyed with that… but getting Huang out was still a good move for my game, because he was a Yenisei and a strong competitor. All the Yeniseis have to go anyway, eventually, and, like… now it’s just down to Charlotte and Vince, so, I mean… good luck to them,” she shrugs, laughing.


Charlotte lays her torch against the tree, but it doesn’t sit securely. It slides a little, and Vince accidentally trips over it.

“Oh my goodness! Oh Vincent, oh my word!” Charlotte gasps. “I am so sorry!”

For his part, Vince doesn’t seem to be in any pain as he laughs heartily from the ground.

“Don’t worry about it!” he cackles. “I’m fine, I’m fine!”

As Nick finds his place next to Sheena, he wraps an arm around her as they all try to get comfortable.


Sheena- Cold Weather
“I think Tallulah was right in that it made Nick more comfortable to vote off Huang, and like, that’s another reason I decided to go along with it. Apparently Nick feels like I don’t listen to him, and like… ugh,” she laughs, looking ashamed. “I mean he’s not wrong! I mean, most of the time I’m willing to hear him out, but the problem is so many of his strategies are just bad. I mean, his ‘big target’ for literally the entire game has been… wait for it…”


Nick rests his head on Sheena’s shoulder, his buff pulled over his mouth.

“We did it,” he whispers.

“Yup,” Sheena agrees somewhat unenthusiastically.

“Did what?” Hannah asks rather loudly. Nick exhales forcefully, clearly peeved.


Sheena- Cold Weather
“….Hannah. How stupid is that? She’s no threat to anyone and she’s totally loyal to us. Yes, Hannah is super f*cking annoying. She has no social awareness at all and she never f*cking shuts up. But she’s like a fly. Irritating, but harmless. We can leave her until whenever, there are way more serious threats in this game. Nick trying so hard to get her out, that’s all emotion and no strategy, and I want no part of that kind of game. So if the only reason Nick thinks he ‘has no voice’ is because we won’t vote off Hannah? If that’s the case, he needs to grow the f*ck up. He’s a 30 year old man and he really could stand to start acting like one.”



Romanov Day 25




The sun is lost beneath a thick layer of clouds as the rain continues to fall, the castaways still restricted to the interior of the shelter. Drips of water roll down the saturated cloth walls of the makeshift yurt, the castaways all clustered close to the tree in the center of the shelter, huddled beneath blankets and wrapped tightly in coats. Hats are pulled down over eyes, buffs pulled up over faces.

Out at the fire pit, Maurice tries repeatedly to no avail to strike the flint. Water drops from the edges of his cowboy hat. He sighs, clearly frustrated.

“Won’t light,” he mutters to himself. “Darn.”


Maurice- Cold Weather
“Today is Hannah’s birthday, and I think that, you know, yeah, this is a game, but at the same time we’re all people, and I think everyone does want her to have a good birthday. I mean everyone’s got a birthday, so we all can appreciate what she’s going through, being so far away from home today. But uh, it’s so wet I can’t even get a fire going, so we might not even eat today if things don’t turn around. It’s just… it’s not a great situation.”


Inside of the shelter, Hannah stirs awake, pulling her Gigi Hadid beanie up off over her eyes.

“Morning,” Charlotte says, smiling warmly as she notices Hannah is awake. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks Charlotte,” Hannah says, hugging the older woman.

“I was hoping we could wake you up with breakfast in bed,” Charlotte says, “but I don’t think we’re having breakfast at all at this rate,” she sighs.

Hannah shrugs. “What can you do? It’s not like you can control the weather, you’re not a weatherman.”


Hannah- Cold Weather
“Today is my birth-day, what whaaat! I’m 29 years old, which is like, insane to me. It feels like just yesterday that I was still in High School and now I’m almost 30, which is like, eeeeee!” she laughs. “Oh my god, it’s so scary, because like, 30 used to feel like it was life years away, like, basically a senior citizen. I think actually that doing Survivor has helped me, like, come to peace with getting older though. Like, it’s really enpowering to be around like, all these fierce old ladies who are like, really strong and amazing. Like Charlotte always looks like she Hashtag Woke Up Like This, she looks soo good for her age, she’s kind of fierce!”


“Hey, mornin’,” Maurice says, coming back into the shelter. “Happy Birthday, Hannah Banana,” he says, bending down to hug her. “Sorry I couldn’t get a fire going, y’all.”

“Aww, thank you Maurice!” Hannah says. “It’s okay. Just still being here in the game is honestly the bestest birthday present I could have asked for, seriously.”


Hannah- Cold Weather
“But it’s a bummer, you know? It’s a bummer having to spend my birthday here and not at home with my family and my friends. My family is so super important to me, you seriously have no idea. My mom and I especially, we do everything together and she really is my best friend. We have like, a psychotic connection, the kind that moms and their girls just have with each other. And I always do something with her for my birthday, something special with just us. So it’s hard not being home with her because…” she pauses, sniffling. “We had tickets to see The Jonas Brothers and instead I’m out heeeere!” she wipes her eyes as she sniffs a huge snot bubble back into her nose.


“I know, sugar,” Maurice says, sighing. “I just wanted to make today special for you. I know how much you’re missing home.”

“Yeah, but so is everyone else,” Hannah says, smiling faintly. Despite her attempts to keep a happy face, her eyes can’t help but avert, giving away her true feelings.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“I don’t have my family out here, but it’s okay because I have my tribe, and like, that’s kind of the same thing, right? Like a tribe and a family? I’m honestly just, like, hashtag blessed because I have the greatest tribe, we’ve been sticking together against Yenisei, and like, because of them, I’m still out here after 25 days, still having a chance to win the whole thing!”


“Well I still hope there’s something I can do to make this a special day anyway,” Maurice smiles.

“You could take your shirt off,” Hannah giggles. Maurice chuckles good-naturedly in response.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“Maurice is like, such a stud, oh my god!” she laughs. “He’s soooo cute, it’s like, ugh, I’m gonna barf, I can’t standle it! He’s just so sweet and innocent, he really is just like, this good old farm boy who wants to see the bigger world and he’s just really, really genuine. Like, if he was a contestant on The Bachelorette, he’d def be making it to hometown visits, guaranteed. And if he didn’t win, he’d be a shoo-in for the next Bachelor.”


“Don’t flirt with him,” Tallulah whispers as she sits up, groggily awakening. “You’ll give him an ego,” she jokes.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“Tallulah Mae is like, the coolest old lady I’ve ever met, I hope I’m as like, amazing as her when I’m 80. She’s so sweet and she’s so wise, she’s like a wise, old owl. Very like, lady in a painting, you know? Like, this kind of?” She strikes an elongated, regal pose, as if she’s sitting for a portrait. “She’s very that.”


“Too late!” Maurice says, flexing his arms like a bodybuilder. “Raaawr, I’m Donkey Huang!” he laughs.

“Oh my god, STOP,” Sheena says, cackling as she turns away.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“Sheena is a Sarah Fiable bad ass. She’s like a dude, but in a good way! Like, not that she’s like, you know, gross or butch or whatever but she’s like, really tough and probably really great at CrossFit. Her body is sick, her abs are cuh-razy and she could be like, raking in likes on Instagram as hashtag fitspiration. I just feel like, so honored to be in an alliance with a bad-ass female like her, like, oh my god! I never thought I’d be on the same team with a real live ninja, you know?”


“Some of us are still trying to sleep,” hisses Nick suddenly. “Is the sun even up yet?”

“Yeah, actually, it is,” Maurice says, clearly irritated.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“The one teensy problem is Nick. He’s an asshole, like, sorry, but it’s true. He’s so mean to me, and he treats me like I’m so stupid all the time.  He thinks that because he’s an artist he’s so much smarter and better than everyone else, like we’re all just simple peasants who couldn’t possibly know anything. But uh, well, he’s a part of the tribe, so I just have to suck it up and deal with it.”


Charlotte returns to the shelter, her fur hat wet with rainwater. She hands Hannah the jar of honey.

“I had been hoping we could cook up one of the chickens for you,” Charlotte says, “but without fire I don’t think that’s happening, so… happy birthday, darling. I know it ain’t much but take the biggest, sweetest spoonful that you can.”

“Aww!” Hannah says, taking the jar. “Are you all sure it’s okay?” she asks.

“Go for it,” Maurice smiles.

Nick just chuckles to himself and shakes his head.

“Something funny?” Vince asks, clearly not amused himself.

“Uh, I mean, it’s just that like… Koryok won that honey,” Nick says, “so I don’t know where Charlotte gets off on giving it away. No offense.”

“Some taken,” Charlotte mutters to herself.

“Oh my god, shut up,” Sheena whines. “Literally none of us care, Charlotte. Go ahead.”

“Oh, so I’m none of us?” Nick snips.

“You know what I mean,” Sheena moans, irritated.

“Nick, it’s not that I don’t see where you’re coming from,” Tallulah says, “but we haven’t been doing any kind of system when it comes to who won what this entire time, especially not after Yenisei was grateful enough to welcome us into their camp. It’s just not worth the fuss. And besides,” she says, turning to Hannah with a warm smile. “It’s Hannah’s birthday, and I think she’s earned that extra spoonful.”

“Okay, whatever,” Nick sighs.

“Thank you, Tallulah Mae,” Charlotte says with a slight smile.

“You’re welcome,” Tallulah says diplomatically.

Nick rolls his eyes.


Nick- Romanov Tribe
“Charlotte can act like the mom all she wants, but her motives are obvious as far as I’m concerned. She just wants to suck up to Hannah because she’s desperate, she knows that the Yeniseis are still public enemy number one, and she’s going to try whatever she can to flip the game in her favor. And like, sorry, but it’s laughable that she’s wasting her time on Hannah. That girl’s an idiot. She doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, she’s just following orders blindly. The thing is, if Hannah were smart, she would flip. There’s a Koryok alliance, and she’s not a part of it. But I’m not worried about Hannah. Not at all.”




Maurice approaches the Tree Mail station, a bundle of branches slung over his shoulder. His expression becomes quizzical as he looks into the basket.

“Well this is something different,” he says, placing down the firewood as he reaches in, taking out a bundle of woven envelopes, each with the name of one of the castaways emblazoned on the front. He searches for his own and opens it, curious.

“Well I’ll be damned,” he whispers, pulling out a stack of twenty dollar bills.


Maurice- Romanov Tribe
“So at Tree Mail, it turns out we was all given a wallet full of money! And I’m immediately thinking well this is too good to be true, something’s up. We’re out here starvin’ and freezin’ our little behinds off for a million dollars, they ain’t just gonna give us money as like a hey, good job!” He makes a sarcastic thumbs up. “Whatever challenge is coming with this, I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be a real doozy.”



Reward Challenge Day 25



Survivor Auction

E9 Reward Challenge


“Come on in guys!”

The relief is visible on the faces of the castaways as they enter a covered area, earning respite from the rain. The players take their seats on two rows of bleachers. Across from them is Jeff, standing behind a bar top, his trademark mischievous smile on his face as he watches the Romanovs take their seats.

“Welcome,” Jeff says, “to today’s challenge. And as I’m sure you guessed, it’s something a little different.”

Everyone nods, clearly wondering what to expect.

“Well then, allow me to make things a little clearer,” Jeff continues. “Welcome to the Survivor Auction.”

“WOO-HOO!” cheers Vince. The castaways applaud and smile, clearly very excited.

“Here’s how it works,” Jeff says. “Each of you has been given 500 dollars to spend. I’ll place items up for bid one at a time. If you see something you like, you can bid for it, with bids increasing in twenty dollar increments. The auction will end without warning, so if you see something you like, bid on it. Everyone clear?”

Tallulah nods in understanding. Hannah waves her money like a fan, clearly eager to begin.

“Alright,” Jeff says. “Let’s get started then with our first item.” He places a tray up on the counter and removes the lid with a flourish, revealing a plate stacked with four huge chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk. Sheena gasps with excitement.

“First item up for auction, we’ve got a classic treat—milk and cookies,” Jeff announces. “We’ll start the bidding at $20.”

“Twenty,” calls Sheena, her hand shooting up immediately.

“Forty,” Charlotte counters immediately.

“Sixty,” Sheena says.

“Eighty,” Charlotte calls, not backing down. Sheena’s eyes narrow as she thinks it over.

“Eighty dollars to Charlotte,” Jeff reiterates. “Going once, going twice… sold!” He bangs the gavel and Charlotte stands up, gleeful to have won the first bid of the day.

“It’s the first thing,” she says to Maurice, seated next to her. “I’m sure there’s something better coming up.”

Charlotte stands across from Jeff, where she counts out eighty dollars and hands them over.

“Go ahead and take a bite,” Jeff invites. Charlotte picks up a cookie and dunks it straight into the milk before taking a bite.

“Oh my word,” Charlotte practically moans as she chews. “I’ve been craving chocolate, Jeff!” she laughs.

“I’m glad I could provide it, then,” Jeff says. “You can take that back to your seat and enjoy, we’ll move on to the next item.”

Charlotte returns to her seat where she continues to happily munch on her cookies. Meanwhile, Jeff prepares the next platter.

“Maybe sweets aren’t your thing,” Jeff says, as he lifts the lid. “Maybe you want a little heat on a cold, wet day.” Revealed on the platter is a plate of tortilla chips and a heaping bowl of salsa. “Chips and salsa should spice things up,” Jeff smiles.

“Ooh,” mutters Maurice, looking enticed.

“And,” Jeff continues, “you’ll get to wash it all down with a tasty margarita.” He pulls a glass pitcher out from under the table and places it next to the chips.

“Oh my god!” Hannah yelps. “Yes please! Um, 300!”

“Hannah shoots straight up to 300!” Jeff observes. “Anyone else?”

Vincent shakes his head back and forth, indicating disinterest. Nick flips through his money, looking contemplative.

“Sold,” Jeff says, banging the gavel, “to Hannah for $300.”

“Yesyesyes!” Hannah cheers as she hops to her feet, skipping over to Jeff in utter joy.

“Which of these are you looking more forward to,” Jeff asks Hannah, “the chips and salsa or the margarita?”

“Um, the url-ca-hurl, dur!” Hannah laughs. “It’s my birthday today and I get to have myself a little bit of a siesta!”

“Fiesta,” corrects Tallulah.

“Yeah that too!” Hannah says, smiling.

“Want to take a sip and tell me how it is?” Jeff asks.

“You don’t have to ask twice,” Hannah says, pouring herself a healthy glass of the mixed drink. She licks a huge swath of salt off the rim of the glass before chugging down nearly the whole serving in huge gulps.

“Oh my god,” she says, wiping her mouth. “Tastes like home,” she smiles as she takes her platter back to her seat. Hannah scoops an enormous mound of salsa onto a chip, and some of it drips down her face as she bites into it. She giggles in embarrassment as she wipes at her face.

“Next item… let’s leave it covered,” Jeff says playfully.

This time, the response is a little less instant. Maurice is the first to bite.

“Twenty,” he offers cautiously.

“Forty,” says Vince, deciding to get in on the action.

“Eighty,” Maurice counters, now feeling invested. Vince looks at his money, thinking.

“One-twenty,” interjects Olivia, now appearing interested.

“One-forty,” Maurice counters immediately.

“One-eighty,” Vince chimes.

“Two-eighty,” Maurice counters.

Vince puts his hands up, indicating surrender.

“To Maurice for $280,” Jeff says, lifting his gavel. “Once, twice—sold!”

Maurice grits his teeth nervously as he steps past Hannah on the risers, unsure of what awaits under the lid of his prize.

“First, you’ve got to pay what you owe,” Jeff reminds as Maurice hands over the cash. “Ready to see what you’ve bought?” Jeff asks.

“Waiting won’t do me any good if it’s somethin’ bad,” Maurice says with a shrug.

“I don’t think it’s something you’ll find bad,” Jeff says as he removes the cover. Steam rises off the hot plate of spaghetti and meatballs underneath. Maurice pumps a fist in the air coolly, a big smile crossing his face.

“Oh man on man!” he laughs, breathing a sigh of relief. “And there’s garlic bread!” he points, totally enthralled.

“Here’s a fork,” Jeff says, handing him a piece of silverware. “Take a bite and tell me what you think.”

“I think I’m gonna cry,” Maurice laughs, spearing and swirling the spaghetti. He puts the fork in his mouth and his eyes roll back in his head.

“Hot dang,” he whimpers as he takes the fork out, earning some laughter from the others.

“Money well spent,” he says to Jeff as he takes the plate back to his seat. He continues to eat ravenously as the auction continues, Jeff putting the next item up on the table.

“This one’s a little different,” Jeff says, removing the cover from a particularly large tray. Underneath are a big, plush pillow and a soft looking woven blanket.

“If you’re not sleeping well out here, maybe this will help,” Jeff says. Sheena’s jaw drops. Vince looks like he’s about to crawl out of his skin.

“Hundred!” Vince barks.

“One sixty,” Sheena says, clasping her hands together in thought.

“One eighty,” Olivia says, raising her hand.

“TWO HUNDRED!” Vince yells.

“Three,” Olivia counters.

“I’m out,” Sheena says, shrugging.

“Three twenty,” Vince counters.

“Five hundred,” Olivia escalates.

“Wow,” mouths Maurice to Tallulah. Vince looks particularly furious as he eyes Olivia.

“Sold to Olivia,” Jeff says, “for all the money she has.”

“I think a good night’s sleep is money well spent,” Olivia says, handing Jeff her cash. She inhales the scent of the soft, clean blanket, draping it over her shoulders as she walks back. Vince glares the entire time.

“Let’s do another covered item,” Jeff says, placing the next tray on the table. Maurice raises an eyebrow as he tears a massive chunk of garlic bread off with his teeth. Hannah guzzles at her margarita, letting out a soft burp when she puts the glass down.

“Hundred,” Sheena says, starting the bidding.

“Hundred fifty,” Charlotte challenges.

“Increments of 20, Charlotte,” Jeff reminds.

“Oh!” Charlotte laughs. “One forty.”

“One sixty,” Tallulah says, raising her hand for the first time.

“One eighty,” Charlotte calls, counting the money she still has, her milk glass now empty.

“Two hundred,” Sheena says, contemplative.

“Two twenty,” Tallulah says.

“Two forty,” says Vince, jumping in.

“Two sixty,” Sheena counters immediately.

“Three sixty,” says Tallulah. Sheena looks at her remaining money.

“Three eighty,” Charlotte pushes.

“Sold to Charlotte for $380,” Jeff says, raising the gavel. “Once—”

“Four hundred,” Sheena interjects.

“Four twenty,” Vince pushes. Hannah chuckles.

“Four forty,” Tallulah says.

The others all take a moment, thinking.

“Sold to Tallulah Mae for $440,” Jeff continues, looking at the other castaways to see if there are any last minute offers.

There aren’t. “Once, twice, sold!” he says, banging the gavel.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Tallulah says, standing up and approaching the host, money in her hands.

“You really fought for this,” Jeff says, taking the cash. “What do you think could be under here?”

“I’m not sure,” Tallulah says, shrugging. “I’ve just got a gut feeling, is all. Hoping it’s something good.”

“How good this is,” Jeff says, lifting the lid, “is a question that may be up to debate.” On the platter is a scroll of paper, bound with a string. Nick purses his lips, intrigued.

“Why don’t you open that up and read it aloud?” Jeff prompts. Tallulah takes the scroll and unties it, facing the tribe as she unfurls the scroll. The rain continues to fall outside the auction house.

“You have purchased the right to send one member of the tribe to Exile Island immediately,” Tallulah reads. “Oh my.”

Charlotte’s face falls. Nick leans back, looking smug.

“In addition, take all of the money that person has remaining,” Tallulah finishes. Vince shakes his head, looking disappointed.

“Oh, wow…” Tallulah says, looking over the tribe. She’s clearly not particularly comfortable.

After a long time of thinking, Tallulah turns to Jeff.

“I have a question, Jeff,” she says. “Is it allowed for me to pick myself? It says one member of the tribe, and I’m a member of the tribe.”

“TM, you don’t have to do that!” Maurice protests.

“I know I don’t have to,” Tallulah says. “I want to.”

“I’ll allow it,” Jeff agrees, “but Tallulah, I have to ask, what’s the reasoning here? The weather is clearly not good right now, Exile Island is the last place you want to be. Why is it that you’re stepping up to this?”

“I just think….” Tallulah says, collecting her thoughts, “that it’s the right thing to do, Jeff. I haven’t been before, but the upside of age is that I know myself, and I know what I can handle. And I’ll go out there and handle it. If that means I can let the rest of the group stay here and enjoy this opportunity, I’m happy to do it. They all deserve it.”

Jeff nods in understanding.

“Aww, Tallulah!” Hannah mews, “that’s so sweet!”

“You’re sure about this, TM?” Maurice asks. “If you don’t wanna have to pick no one, I’ll go.”

“I’m sure, Maurice,” Tallulah says. “Why should you have to be the one to volunteer? I’ll be fine. Y’all enjoy this. It’s supposed to be fun.” She turns to Jeff once again. “My decision is made, Jeff. I’m going.”

“Alright Tallulah, one last question,” Jeff says. “Who is getting the rest of your money?”

Tallulah sighs. “Hannah, happy birthday darling,” she says, walking over to hand Hannah her remaining 60 dollars. Hannah hugs Tallulah in thanks before letting the eldest castaway step away.

“This,” Jeff says, revealing a map, “is for you, Tallulah. You’ll rejoin the tribe at the next challenge.” He hands the map to Tallulah, who waves one last time to the tribe before heading off into the rain.

“Good luck Tallulah!” Sheena calls.


Vince- Romanov Tribe
“I think that Tallulah Mae sending herself to Exile, that was a classy move, that’s what I think. Charlotte and me, we’re the ones on the outs, so what skin off of her back would it have been to just send one of us? None.  So for her to do that, that’s a class act. I got a lot of respect for that.”


“Alright,” Jeff says, smiling. “Ready to get to the next item?”

“Yeah!” cheers Sheena.

Jeff continues to auction off items, and the castaways continue to make their purchases.

“Bucket of fried chicken,” Jeff says, “sold to Sheena!”

“Oh my god!” Sheena says, shaking her head in disbelief as she approaches Jeff with her money. At the table, she tears into a drumstick like a wild animal, chunks of meat dangling from her mouth.

“I think I’m gonna cry,” she laughs. “That’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted!”

The next item, a BLT sandwich with potato chips and a glass of coke, is auctioned off to Vince. Sheena follows by bidding on a second item, a slice of apple pie with ice cream.

“Alright,” Jeff says, smiling. “And now for something a little different.” He removes the lid from the next tray, revealing a smart phone.

“Woah!” gasps Sheena.

“Is it an iPhone or an Android?” Hannah wonders quietly to herself.

“On this phone I have a video message for each of you from your friends and family back home—the people you love who are rooting you on during this journey,” Jeff explains Charlotte nods, tearing up. Hannah’s hand flies to her mouth as she realizes what is at stake.

“Buy this and you can watch that video and get a totally different kind of fuel to push you in this game,” Jeff says. “Who wants to start the bidding?”

“Forty,” Hannah says, her hand shooting up instantly. Charlotte sighs as she puts her money down.

“Sixty,” Nick says quietly, raising his hand.

“That’s sixty dollars to Nick,” says Jeff.

“Eighty,” Hannah calls.

“Hundred,” counters Nick.

“Uh, um, A hundred twenty,” Hannah says, starting to seem a little desperate.

“One forty,” Nick responds. Sheena glares at Nick. Maurice looks surprised and a little uncomfortable.

“One sixty,” Hannah says, a little concerned.

“One eighty,” Nick says coolly.

Dude!” Sheena hisses. “What are you doing?”

“Bidding,” Nick says, shrugging.

“It’s her birthday,” Maurice reprimands sharply.

“Two hundred,” Hannah practically begs.

“Two twenty,” Nick says, crossing his arms.

“Whatever’s after that,” Hannah says, frantically counting her money.

“Two forty to Hannah,” Jeff notes.

“Two sixty,” Nick says, smiling.

“I don’t have anymore!” Hannah cries, desperately flipping through her bills. Her makeup is now starting to smear. Charlotte and Vince share a concerned look.

“Hannah is out of it. Anyone else want to bid?”

Sheena shakes her head to indicate no. Maurice puts an arm around Hannah, who at this point is completely dissolved in tears.

“One video message from home, sold to Nick for two hundred and sixty dollars,” Jeff says somberly, banging the gavel. Sheena crosses her arms, her facial expression tightening as Nick saunters up to Jeff.

“Two hundred and sixty,” Nick says proudly, handing the cash to Jeff. Jeff takes the money and hands Nick the phone in exchange. Tears are already starting to form in the corners of Nick’s eyes as he lifts the phone in anticipation.

“I uh, don’t have one of these,” he chuckles. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Just tap the screen to play,” Jeff tells him. Nick hits the play button, and the video begins. The footage shows a living room, where his parents, siblings, and girlfriend have all a gathered.

Yassou Nikolaos!” they all cheer in unison.

“Hello Nikolaos,” says his mother, her words punctuated by a heavy accent. “My boy, we miss you so much! There is a hole in my heart when I cannot speak to you, my son.”

“But don’t worry,” chimes in Nick’s brother. “Everyone’s doing fine, we’re all handling ourselves without you, but it is definitely a lot quieter around here without you, bro.”

“It’s not quiet around here at all, whatchu talking about?” laughs Shawne, his girlfriend. “Baby, things are just as loud and crazy as ever and I love it, but I’d love it a lot more if you were here with us.”

“Shawne has been helping your mother and I so much around the house and with our chores and our errands,” Nick’s dad says, putting a proud hand on Shawne’s shoulder.

“I know you’d want me looking out for them while you’re not here,” Shawne says, clearly feeling emotional. “I miss you so much, Bumblebee.”

“I miss you, hummingbird,” Nick whispers, his tears falling.

“We believe in you so much, baby,” Shawne continues. “I know you’ve got what it takes to win Survivor, there’s not a doubt in my mind. You’re one of a kind, Nick. There’s only one of you and I’m so glad you’re mine,” she smiles.

Nick- Romanov Tribe
“My video was from my whole family—my parents, my siblings, and my girlfriend, all there together, cheering me on. Which was like… a really big deal for me to see, honestly,” he says, clearly getting emotional. “My parents are super Greek, and I was just raised with the expectation that I’d carry on a lot of those, you know, traditional elements in my life, and that’s just not me, you know? I have to march to the beat of my own drum, I just… don’t know how to be any other way. And it’s been a really, really big issue for my parents that I’m in such a serious relationship with someone who isn’t Greek. So to see them come together with her to support me, that was really special,” he says, pulling up his glasses to wipe his eyes. “Because I really do love my Mom and Dad. I love them a lot.”


Se agame toso poly!” Shawne says, stumbling over some of the words. Nick smiles proudly as he wipes his tears from his eyes.

Behind him, Hannah is slumped over in Maurice’s arms, crying, somewhat drunk, mascara streaking down her face like lava tracking from a volcano.

“That was so cool,” Nick says to Jeff, handing the phone back as the video finishes. “Worth way more than what I paid for it.”

“I’m glad it was worth holding out for,” Jeff says, “because that is our last item. The Survivor Auction is officially over,” he says, banging his gavel. “Take your last few bites of your food and head back to camp.”

Vince ungracefully shoves the last of his sandwich into his mouth. As Nick approaches to rejoin the group, Sheena turns away from him, instead embracing Hannah, who is still in tears.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“I just wanted to see my family. It’s my birthday!” She lets out a dramatic wail as her head collapses into her arms.



Exile Island Day 25



The wind and rain have come to a gentle drizzle as Tallulah arrives on Exile Island, her buff pulled up and around her nose and mouth for warmth.

“Oh lordy…” she chuckles to herself. “What fresh hell have I gotten myself into?”


Tallulah- Cold Weather
“Today at the challenge, it was my decision who would have to come to Exile Island. At this point in the game, there isn’t any new information out here, so to come out and be Exiled from the Tribe, on a rainy day like today? It’s just a punishment. There was no reason to send someone in my own alliance, today… but that would mean sending Charlotte or Vince, and I didn’t feel right about doing that. They’re on the outs and they know they on the outs, there’s nothing to be gained from rubbing salt in the wounds. I haven’t had to take my turn out here yet, so I decided, you know what, Tallulah Mae? Step up and take your turn. Let everyone else enjoy this, you’ll get yours in due time.”


Huddled under a tree, Tallulah stares off into the distance, watching as if in a trance as the rain falls. She breathes in and out slowly, almost meditatively.


Tallulah- Cold Weather
“The rain, the physical discomfort? I know I can handle that, I’ve been handling that all my life. I work long, hard days. I’m not out here to prove to myself I’m tough, I know I’m tough. For me, the hardest part of being out here on Exile is that it means being away from camp. I have no idea what’s going on there, what kinds of conversations people are having, and I have no ability to be involved in decisions. So there is a little bit of uh… apprehension, just that part of your brain that tickles and goes, ‘Hmmm. What do I do if something goes wrong?’”



Romanov Day 25




The tribe returns to camp, where the rain is continuing to fall. Shoes squish in the steadily building mud. Despite the fact that almost everyone has eaten, the mood is anything but joyful. Hannah’s eyes are bleary and red, makeup smeared all around them from her crying. Sheena offers her a big hug.

“I’m so sorry about that, Han,” she says.

“Me too,” Hannah cries. Nick walks past the both of them as if they’re not even there.


Sheena- Romanov Tribe
“I’m furious with Nick, just furious. Like, we all wanted to see our videos. I think everyone would have probably given up any shot at food to see those videos. But today is Hannah’s birthday, she’s really homesick, and like, how about just be good person and do what’s right, you know? I would have done that for any of these people, even Charlotte or Vince, who I’m not even working with. It’s just what’s right. And I actually think Nick would have too. I think he only did it to spite Hannah, which is just so unbelievably petty, I mean really now. He’s such douche sometimes.”


“That was real classless of him,” Maurice whispers to the two women as he stands with them in the rain. “That really disappoints me, I gotta say.” He shakes his head solemnly.

“Are you guys seriously just going to stand out there in the rain?” Nick laughs, his head poking out from the shelter. “Come on guys, get in here!”

“F*ck off, Nick!” Sheena snaps. “We’re having a private talk, can we not have a private f*cking talk without you in it? Is that not allowed?”

“Jesus Christ!” Nick says, recoiling back into the shelter. “I wonder what their deal is?” He takes a seat next to Olivia. “They all got something.”

“I mean like, I think that um… how do I put this?” Olivia sighs. “I think there was kind of an expectation that, you know, since today is Hannah’s birthday and all…” she pauses.

“Yes?” Nick says, nodding.

“I think the prevailing sort of logic is that Hannah should have been the one to, you know, get to watch her video,” Olivia says.

“You’re kidding, right?” Nick says, looking stunned.

“I mean, it would have been a nice thing for someone to do, is all,” Olivia says lamely.

“That’s the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard,” Nick says.


Nick- Cold Weather
“I don’t see what the big deal is about birthdays, honestly. Like, it just means you made it another year without dying, it’s not exactly an accomplishment. The idea that you’re deserving of something just because of what day it happens to be, to me that’s just so stupid. Hannah got to go on the last reward and she bought herself food and alcohol at the auction, so it’s not like she didn’t get anything at all. The rules were the same for everyone, it’s not my fault I had saved up my money and we wanted the same thing.”


“It’s just like, so annoying, man!” Nick says, looking bewildered. “I thought today was such a good day, like, here I am, coming back from a great time and I thought we’d all be in great moods, you know?”

“No, I agree, Nick, it was a really good day, but like, I guess… you have to try and understand, how from someone else’s perspective, you buying that video looks a little… thoughtless?” Olivia asks.

“You know what I think is thoughtless?” Nick says. “How I got a really important, really big milestone message from my family, and I thought that my tribe would be happy for me that I got that, but apparently, I wasn’t allowed to want that. F*ck me, right?”

I appreciate how much it meant for you,” Olivia says. “I’m not saying at all that you don’t deserve it, but like… that doesn’t mean everyone else feels that way, unfortunately.”

“F*ck it,” Nick sighs. “I’m saying something, I’m not going to sit here like some kid who’s been grounded.”


Olivia- Cold Weather
“I can see why everyone is mad with Nick, just because I think everyone has had a bad birthday before and they know how bad it feels, but I empathize way more with how Nick is feeling right now because I feel like I’m in the same boat. I think he feels like no matter what he does, he gets treated like he did something wrong, and I kind of feel the same way. I don’t feel like I’ve been playing this sneaky, shady game that everyone else seems to think I’m playing, and I feel like no matter what I do I can’t shake that reputation, so I absolutely get where Nick is coming from.”


“Hey!” Nick barks as he pops out of the shelter. “If anyone has anything to say about me, they can say it to me. I’m right here.”

“Can’t he go away?” Hannah mopes quietly.

“Yeah, I have something to say,” Sheena says, whipping around to face the artist. As if on cue, thunder cracks loudly in the distance, and the rain picks up in intensity. “You need to stop being such a little bitch, because the rest of us are sick and tired of it.”

“Wow, hostility,” Nick says, rearing backwards. “What the hell did I do? I don’t recall any sort of little bitch behavior on my part.”

“It’s Hannah’s birthday, Nick,” Maurice says, clearly frustrated. “On today, of all days, why couldn’t you just have been nice?”

“What the f*ck have I done to Hannah today? I haven’t said two words to her,” Nick cries defensively.

“You haven’t,” Hannah spits. “Not even happy birthday.”

“You stole her message from her family, that’s the f*ck what you did,” Sheena says.

“I stole?” Nick gasps. “I followed the rules, I didn’t steal a damn thing from anyone.”

“See, see, see, see, this is it,” Sheena says, clearly becoming more and more outraged. “You’re being dense on purpose right now, and you do it all the time. Like, any reasonable, civilized person knows that you’re nice to people on their birthday. Hannah deserved that message and you know it, don’t play dumb.”

“Deserved?” Nick says. “Because it’s her birthday? No, you don’t just get to decide that for everyone. If you wanted to hold back because of that and let her get whatever she wanted, you’re welcome to do that, but you don’t get to tell me how to play this game, Sheena. And that goes for you too, Maurice.”

“This isn’t about the game,” Maurice says. “It’s about being a good person. I’m disappointed because I thought you were better than this.”

“I’m disappointed because I thought you guys were more reasonable than this,” Nick says.

“You know Nick?” Hannah finally says. “You did hurt my feelings. You’ve actually hurt them a lot. You’re really mean to me a lot, and like… I don’t feel like I’ve done something to deserve that. You’re not Timothy Olyphant, and it’s not Justified,” she says, crossing her arms.

“Okay, well, sorry,” Nick says, shrugging, “but have you ever thought about how you treat me, Hannah? You have no respect for the fact that I don’t care about f*cking pop music or what’s on TV and you act like I’m a total freak just because I have deeper desires in life than you.”

“OH. MY. GOD.” Sheena groans. “Like, you’re serious right now? Do you really not get how f*cking condescending you are, dude? You are the most holier-than-thou, condescending m*therfucker I’ve ever met!”

“You don’t have to scream at me, holy sh*t!” Nick yells back. “I just got a really wonderful message from home, here I am coming back feeling amazing, and you just have to come sh*t all over me, for what?”

“Oh my god, Nick, just stop it! Stop acting like you didn’t do it on purpose!” Hannah sobs.

“Woooooow,” Nick says, putting his hands on his hips and looking down as he chuckles to himself. “That’s… that’s just classic. You’re actually so self-absorbed that you think I only won a reward to what, spite you? Hannah, that means I’d have to actually bother thinking about you.”

“F*ck you!” Hannah yells.

“See, that’s it right there, Nick!” Maurice bellows. “You don’t have to go below the belt like that, it’s just not necessary!”


Maurice- Cold Weather
“Call me old fashioned, but there’s some values I just believe in, and you just don’t treat people the way Nick treats people. You just don’t. My mama would have rung me out like a towel if she ever heard me talk that way to anyone. I’ve had so many good memories and good moments with Nick, you know? Sometimes he’s so happy go lucky, and we just have so much fun and then all of a sudden this… this jerk comes out. It’s like he’s got this mean streak where he just gets off on being cruel.”


From inside the shelter, Olivia peeks out, looking stunned. Over at the kitchen table area, Charlotte watches, mouth agape.


Charlotte- Cold Weather
“We get back from the auction and it doesn’t take any time at all for Koryok to start clawing at each other like wildcats, oh my goodness! Nick made a very selfish choice today, and the mother in me feels for poor Hannah, but the competitor in me sees a big opportunity. I can’t afford to be in mom mode, not if Vincent and I want to make it any further. This is a fracture we have to take advantage of.”






            The rain has finally passed. The only water that falls now are the droplets that are collecting at the ends of the pine needles in the treetops. Most of the castaways snooze quietly in the shelter. Over by the fire, Charlotte sits with Hannah.

“I put an extra portion of buckwheat in for you,” Charlotte says with a smile.

“Aww, thanks,” Hannah says, “but you don’t have to do that. I already got to eat today.”

“It’s your birthday though,” Charlotte says. “It’s the least I can do. I know it’s probably not what you’d want for your birthday, but… well, I’m hoping in a small way it can make today a little better for you.”

“Today hasn’t been that bad,” Hannah says.

“Not that bad? Is that the birthday you want to have? One that’s not that bad?” Charlotte asks. She turns to Hannah, looking her in the eyes. “It’s okay to feel upset about everything that happened. Nick treats you so, so horribly, Hannah. You don’t need to put up with it, you know.”

“I know,” Hannah sighs. “It’s just… it’s hard, you know?”

“What’s kept you from voting him out before now?” Charlotte asks.

“I don’t know,” Hannah mutters. “He’s a part of the tribe. I can’t.”

“You can’t?” Charlotte probes. “Or you haven’t thought about it?”

“I couldn’t do that to the others,” Hannah says. “It would break Sheena’s heart.”

“But isn’t keeping Nick here breaking your heart?” Charlotte asks.

“It’s complicated,” Hannah says, looking despondent.

“I don’t think it’s as complicated as your making it out to be,” Charlotte continues. “If I were in your position, I wouldn’t be comfortable. Them keeping him around, no matter what he does? Don’t you think that says something about where you stand with them?”

“What do you mean?” Hannah asks, her brow furrowing in confusion.

“I mean that there’s not a long term future for you with Koryok,” Charlotte whispers. “You’re expendable to them. I guarantee you, Hannah… once they’ve gotten through the rest of us Yeniseis, you’re the next to go.”

“Really?” Hannah asks, looking surprised.

“Really,” Charlotte continues. “Have any of them talked to you at all about what’s going to happen later in the game? What’s going to happen when it gets down to those last few days?”

“That’s so far from now,” Hannah says, shrugging. “I’m like… who even knows if I’ll still be here?”

“That’s the reason to do something now,” Charlotte says. “Think ahead. Make sure you’ll be there. I’d love to see you there, at the end.”

“I just don’t know,” Hannah says, putting her face in her hands.


Charlotte- Cold Weather
“The more and more I get to observe the Koryok Tribe, the more and more I feel certain that there is absolutely a pecking order, and Hannah is on the bottom. If I could only get her to realize that, maybe that’s the start of something brand new for me and Vincent, something that could get us out of these dire straits that we’re in. But unfortunately, Hannah… I don’t know if it’s loyalty, or denial, or just plain stupidity, but she doesn’t seem to have any idea that she’s on the outs. I’m not sure what else I can do to get her to see reason. It’s just… so, so frustrating.” She laughs softly to herself, clearly stressed. “I don’t know what else to do.”



Romanov Day 26





The sun has still not risen as Nick and Olivia stand in the meadow. Only Nick’s eyes are visible between his hat and his buff, covering his face. His eyes dart between Olivia and the yurt, making sure no more castaways emerge.

“You have to promise not to be mad with me after I tell you this,” Nick says.


Nick- Cold Weather
“I was up all night thinking about what I want to do, what the smartest move is for me, especially because after seeing my girlfriend it was like, a reminder that I’m not here for Sheena or Maurice or any of them, I’m here for me and for Shawne and that’s it. And I just don’t see any path for me to win the game from my current position I’m in with the Kor-Four. I just don’t have any respect or any power in that alliance, and I’m just setting myself up to be used if I stick around. I have to make a move for myself, and for a long time I’ve let Sheena scare me into sticking with them, but like… f*ck it,” he shrugs. “I’m exhausted, man. I’m over them pushing me around.”


“Okay,” Olivia says, her expression not giving away any of her feelings.

“Um… oh man,” Nick laughs. “Okay, this is hard to admit, because you’ve been so honest and up front with me, and I’ve been pretty upfront and honest with you,” Nick says.

“I mean, it’s a game,” Olivia says. “I get it, everyone’s going to have their secrets and keep some of their cards to themselves.”

“Yeah, but this is a big one,” Nick says. “Okay, so… here it goes. We’ve, uh… we, being Koryok… um… there’s an alliance, Olivia. There’s been an alliance from the very beginning, with me, Sheena, TM and Maurice. We’ve been calling it the Kor-Four. And uh, we’ve all been lying to you.”

Olivia nods, her lips pursed tightly as she tries not to react too strongly.

“Our plan from as early as I can remember has been to get to the final four together,” Nick continues. “And to protect the alliance, we’ve all been instructed by Sheena to lie to you. And I’m tired of it. I want out, and I want to work with you, and not with her, and that’s why I’m telling you the truth now. I hope you can forgive me for not telling you sooner.”

“I do forgive you,” Olivia responds. “I understand why you didn’t tell me, but… damn, everything makes so much more sense now,” she says, her eyes widening.


Olivia- Cold Weather
“So Nick tells me this morning that there’s been a secret four person alliance this whole time on the Koryok Tribe. I knew about different parts of it, so it wasn’t a total surprise, but I didn’t realize that all four of them were together as like, one big unit. And uh, it’s definitely scary news. I thought I had options to work with two different alliances, but the reality is that I’ve just kind of been getting strung along. So that means now is absolutely the time to make a move, there’s…” she laughs to herself, “there’s really no other option. Which is like, arrrgh! It’s the position I keep finding myself in.”


“You know,” Olivia says, “the other night, when Zeke was voted out? Tallulah came to me and asked me to align with her and Maurice. And when I went to Maurice to talk about it the next day, there was just… something that was off about the whole thing, and I couldn’t totally put my finger on it, and now in hindsight it’s just so obvious he was lying through his teeth to me.”

“That was all Sheena,” Nick says, “With her hand up his ass like he’s a puppet. She’s been  doing everything she can to keep you under her thumb, and that includes getting all of the rest of us to do her dirty work for her. She’s scared sh*tless of you, seriously.”

“Sheena’s scared of me?” Olivia asks.

“Hey, I’m just the messenger,” Nick says, holding his hands up defensively. “In fact, she wanted you out last night and I told her I wasn’t having it.”

“Well thank you for sticking up for me,” Olivia says. “Why did she say she wanted me out?”

“She’s wanted you out for ages, dude,” Nick says. “Because of the idol. And she thinks you’re a loose cannon because you flipped on your tribe.”

“Like, honestly? That’s actually kind of insulting,” Olivia says. “Because I feel like I’ve done so f*cking much for all of you guys but especially her—like, the only reason she has an idol is because of me, how much more could I have done to prove myself?”

“There’s nothing you could do, because Sheena thinks she knows everything and that she’s never wrong,” Nick says. “She decided you were dangerous and that was that.”

“Well if she didn’t want me to flip again, too bad,” Olivia laughs. “Because she did a great job of making damn sure I’d do it.”

Nick- Cold Weather
“Olivia makes sense for me to work with, I’ve been tight with her since she came to Koryok, and I know she trusts me. And I know we can use Charlotte and Vince as guaranteed numbers because their backs are up against the wall and they’re desperate for any scrap of a plan that could possible save their asses. That gives us a group of four, which means I need to convince one of the other Koryoks to make this move.”

“We need five,” Olivia says. “Who are you thinking? Maurice?”

Nick shakes his head. “Maurice is absolutely petrified that he’ll be voted out without Sheena as his meat shield. And TM knows she needs their challenge strength to drag her ass to the end.”

“You realize leaves Hannah, right?” Olivia asks.

“Yeah,” Nick says, looking grumpy. “Which… trust me, it’s not my ideal scenario, but I don’t really want to work with Charlotte or Vince either.”

“I just… what if she’s not on board after everything that went down yesterday?” Olivia asks.

“That would be so f*cking stupid,” Nick chuckles. “Like the girl is dumb but no one is that dumb. We have the truth on our side. If Hannah doesn’t make this move, she’s out the moment Koryok doesn’t need her vote anymore. She has no future in this game with them.”

Nick- Cold Weather
“Yeah, it’s pretty ironic that now of all the players in this game, I’m going to have to convince Hannah to work with me. Like, maybe if I had made a move sooner I could have avoided this, but honestly I blame Sheena for that. She’s way too good at this game, especially when it comes to manipulating people. Like, it’s taken me this long to realize she’s been manipulating me, and yeah it sucks, but fortunately I realized the truth before it was too late for me. I’m playing for myself and I still have time to make my move so that I can win this game, and not just get dragged through it by my supposed ‘alliance.’ And if Sheena and all of them don’t like it? Tough. I’ve had to put up with a lot of their sh*t I don’t like, so you know what? It’s their turn.”




The sun rises higher in the sky as the day progresses.

In another part of the woods, Charlotte and Nick walk together.

“And you’re sure you’re not just pulling my leg?” Charlotte asks, sounding skeptical.

“What point would there be in that?” Nick says. “If I didn’t want to do this I just wouldn’t talk to you period.”

“It’s just hard not to be wary, that’s all,” Charlotte says. “But if this is a serious offer, Nick, I’m on board.”

“And you can get Vinnie, right?” Nick asks.

“I’m certain of it,” Charlotte says. “What helps one of us helps both of us.”


Charlotte- Cold Weather
“Nick is far from my favorite person on this tribe, but the time for voting based on like and dislike, that’s long past. Yesterday I was trying to get Hannah to turn on Nick; today, Nick wants to be my ally, and that’s a part of this game that I’m learning to accept, that you have to adapt on the fly and be willing to be flexible.”





            The fire crackles as Sheena sits near it, nodding off, her buff pulled up over her face. Maurice sighs as he looks through the firewood pile, unimpressed. With a look of irritation on his face, he stands up and heads off into the woods, axe in hand.

Towards the camp’s edge in the meadow, Vince milks one of the goats while Charlotte stands with him, keeping careful watch over the Koryoks at the camp.

“I don’t know, Char,” Vince mutters, shaking his head. “Something about that boy ain’t right, you know that. And Olivia? Sorry sweetheart, that ship has sailed.”

“Vincent, please,” Charlotte says. “I’m not terribly pleased about it either, but what choice do we have? It’s this or wait patiently like lambs to the slaughter, and I refuse to just lay down and die.”

“Olivia’s dicked us over once before,” Vince says. “And I’m not just going to wait patiently for her to do it again.”

“This doesn’t have to be a long-term solution,” Charlotte says. “We just need some momentum to turn things around, and Vincent, it’s here! This is the answer to our prayers. If we can just get out *one* of them, we could finally have some wiggle room to start making our own decisions again.”

“Okay, but what about Blondie over there?” Vince says, cocking his head towards the camp. Hannah stands there holding her compact, her eyes bugged out like crazy, cheeks sucked in as she makes faces at herself in the mirror. “That one’s gonna be the key there, let me tell you,” he says. “And I don’t know how that’s gonna work.”

“We have to try, Vince. Please,” Charlotte says.

“Look, you talked to her yesterday, right?” Vince says. “She wasn’t biting. She’s a sweet kid but she’s not the sharpest crayon in the Crayola box.”

Charlotte pauses, thinking.

“I’d be willing to go to a tiebreaker, if that’s the best we could muster,” Charlotte says. “If we’re on the chopping block anyway, I’d rather go home swinging for the fences.”

Vince turns to Charlotte, looking her in the eye.

“You know I’m all about loyalty,” he says. “If you’re in, I’m in.”

Vince- Cold Weather
“So let me tell you, the rules of the game? If there’s a tie at Tribal Council, then the tiebreaker happens, and that means it goes to random chance. We all pick a rock out of a bag and someone goes home. It’s Russian Roulette, and well… hey, when in Rome, do like the Romans. We’re in Russia, ain’t we?” He laughs. “So let’s do it Russian style, I’ll take my damn chances!”

“I hope it doesn’t come to that, though,” Charlotte says. Vince nods in agreement.

“If we’re lucky that won’t be the case,” he says. “Fingers crossed.”





Down along the river, a huge, flat rock protrudes out into the water. Atop the rock sits Hannah, posing on her knees, flipping her hair back and forth as she stares into an invisible camera, singing to herself.

“Shake ya body body, SHAKE ya body body; I can’t control what I show ya, da da buh da da na na,” Hannah sings quietly, putting her hands on her hips.

“What are you doing?” Nick asks, emerging from the trees along the riverbank.

“Ahh!” Hannah yelps, jumping to her feet. “Nothing! Oh my god, can’t you like, knock?”

“Knock on what?” Nick asks, looking baffled.

“You know what I mean!” Hannah says. “Oh my god, Nick, why are you even here?”

“Because we need to talk, privately,” Nick says.


Hannah- Cold Weather
“I was down by the water just like, feeling my oats, okay? And then NICK shows up and says he wants to talk to me in private? That’s like, never happened, so immediately, I’m just like… something fishy is going on here, and it’s not just the water. I don’t think Nick and I have ever had, like, a private conversation about anything. Literally when it’s just the two of us like, in the shelter, he just turns his back to me and places with his Etcher Sketcher. It’s so weird.”


“So here’s what’s up basically,” Nick says. “I mean, I know we’re not really each other’s favorite people, but I need to change what’s happening here, and I need your help to do it, and it’s gonna be in your best interest to listen to what I have to say.”

“Well, I’m all ears,” Hannah says, looking confused.

“Okay… so basically, the plan is…” Nick takes a deep breath. “We need to flip on Koryok.”

“What?” Hannah asks, stunned.

“Okay, look. There’s been an alliance the whole time, Hannah. Me, Sheena, TM, Maurice. You’re not a part of it.”

“Um, if that’s actually true, why are you telling me?” Hannah asks.

“Because I want out,” Nick says. “You, me, Olivia, Charlotte, Vinnie. That’s five to four, we can turn the whole game around on Sheena.”

Hannah chuckles, shaking her head in bewilderment. “Uh, why would I ever do that?” she asks.

“I just told you!” Nick says. “There’s a secret alliance, they’re controlling this whole game.”

Is there, though?” Hannah asks.

“Yes! I literally just said that!” Nick says.

“But it’s Koryok!” Hannah says.

“So what?” Nick responds. “Koryok didn’t even exist a few weeks ago, what does that even mean?”

“It means we’re a tribe, I’m not just turning on my tribe!” Hannah says. “I’m loyal.”

“But why would you stay loyal to people who aren’t loyal to you?” Nick asks. “Do you seriously not get what I’m telling you right now? You’re being used, dumbass! You’re disposable. Sheena’s going to vote you out the second she’s done using you to take out Yenisei.”

“I don’t believe you,” Hannah says, throwing up her hands as she walks towards the forest. “and I want you to leave me alone, please.”

“You don’t believe me?” Nick yelps, incredulous.

“You’re obviously just trying to f*ck with me and make me look stupid, okay? Like I can’t tell what’s happening here.”

“What point would there possibly be in me doing that?” Nick says, stunned.

“I don’t know!” Hannah yells. “I don’t know what’s the point of you always being, like, the biggest jerk on the planet! But obviously you hate me, Nick, you’ve made that super-duper clear, so like, now all of a sudden you’re saying I need to get in an alliance with you against like, the whole tribe, including everybody who’s actually nice to me? They care about me, you don’t. Leave me alone.”


Hannah- Cold Weather
Wy you lyinn’, why you always lyiiiinnn’,” she sings. “Like, why would I ever join up with him? Like, he’s so f*cking mean to me, right? He’s always so disrespectful and rude, and he treats me so much worse than he treats everyone else, and he acts like he doesn’t even notice! It’s the most outrageous thing, it makes my blood broil! And like, does he not realize that I’ve done everything Sheena has ever asked me to do? I’ve been such a good ally to her, there’s no reason for her not to trust me. And I know that Tallulah trusts me, and that Maurice definitely trusts me. Like, why would I leave a good alliance to be in a bad alliance with people who hate me? It’s like I’m Hailey Baldwin and I have to choose between Shawn and Justin, but in this case instead of Shawn Mendes it’s like… a combination of John Mayer and Kanye. And like Justin famously sang, you know, ‘pop top, crop top baby, it’s a no brainer.’”





            A cluster of birds flutter out of the tree branches as Hannah comes practically storming into camp, tears of rage swelling in her eyes, her fists clutched in fury. Nick chases after her, looking petrified.

Hannah approaches the fire, where Sheena is still sitting. Maurice watches the flames next to her. Over at the kitchen table, Olivia watches.

“Nick says there’s an alliance,” Hannah states bluntly.

Sheena’s eyes widen huge before narrowing as the fury overtakes her body.

“I’m sorry, he said what?” Sheena asks, almost as if she’s praying she misheard.

“Nick said there’s an alliance and that it’s everybody on Koryok except for me, and that I don’t flip on you guys with him that you’re just gonna vote me out.”

“Oh really?” Maurice chuckles in disbelief. “That’s what he says?”

“Well, f*ck,” Sheena sighs. “I’m going home.”

“What?” Maurice asks, stunned.

“Yeah, they’re gonna DQ me after I murder that little sh*t,” Sheena deadpans.

Nick scrambles into camp, looking like a kid just caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Sheena flies out of her seat, marching towards him.

“What the F*CK is your problem?” Sheena roars, spit flying from her mouth.

“I—I—” Nick tries to explain, but Sheena cuts him off.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Sheena roars.

“You aren’t even going to hear me out?” Nick yelps, somewhat terrified.

“You ain’t got that right no more,” Maurice says, standing as well.

“Look, whatever she said, she’s lying!” Nick panics, pointing at Hannah.

“I don’t believe you for a second,” Maurice says, shaking his head.

“I’m not lying!” Hannah cries out. “I don’t know why but that’s what he said to me!”

“Yeah, why would you say something like that, NICK?” Sheena says, practically spitting in outrage.

Nick throws his arms up in defeat. “Because it’s true, Sheena. Or at least it was, because I’m out. I’m not going to be your little bitch boy anymore.”

Oh,” Sheena says, seething. “Is that what you think is happening here? That I’m just some big mean bitch bossing you around, so you have to go and stir up sh*t for no f*cking reason? You have to go around spreading lies for no reason?”

“I’m not lying, and you know it,” Nick says. “Hannah, please, you have to believe me—”

“Why should she?” Sheena yells. “You treat her like f*cking garbage, not that you’re much better to the rest of us, you selfish, spoiled baby!”

In the meadow, Vince and Charlotte watch the commotion. Charlotte’s mouth is agape in shock.

“Talk about déjà vu,” Vince snorts.

“I believe you, Nick,” Olivia says, standing up from her spot at the table

I believe you, Nick,” Sheena mocks. “Shut the f*ck up, Olivia, no one is talking to you.”

“I can talk if I want,” Olivia says, obviously offended.

“No, you can stay out of this because it’s none of your goddamn business,” Sheena yells. “You’re not a part of this tribe.”

“At least you finally said it!” Olivia says, throwing her hands up.

“Okay, well, whatever!” Sheena says. “You’re done, cooked. Both of you. Get to packing, because if I can’t vote you out I’ll be happy to send you home with the medics.” She cracks her knuckles threateningly.

“Woah! Okay, Sheena, that’s not needed!” Maurice says, moving to stand between Sheena and the others.

“There she is,” taunts Nick. “I always knew you were a psycho, Sheena. I’m just surprised it took this long for it to come out.”

“Oh f*ck off and die,” Sheena yells, trying to advance toward Nick. Maurice grabs her by the shoulders and holds her back. Hannah has dissolved into tears at this point, crying uncomfortably by the fire.

“You’re not going to be sending anyone home, Sheena,” Nick spits. “You don’t have the power anymore.”

“You try and come for me, you little bitch, I’m going to end you. You picked the wrong fight,” Sheena warns. “Do you hear me, Nick? I’LL F*CKING KILL YOU, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

“HEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!” bellows Vince, storming over from the meadow, totally infuriated. “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

Everyone turns their attention towards the older man.

“Here is how this goes,” Vince shouts. “You sorry sons-of-bitches might have the control in this game, but this is my camp you are living in, and you will not disrespect my home that I built! NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE is ever to threaten anyone here with violence, do you understand me? I. Will. Not. Tolerate. THAT.” He jabs his pointed finger with each word he says for emphasis.

Sheena inhales sharply, like a dragon preparing to breathe fire.

“Young lady,” Vince continues, “if you are finding you can’t control that temper of yours, may I strongly suggest that you go somewhere else until you can behave yourself.”

Sheena rolls her eyes as she turns to walk away into the woods, her fists clenched.

Maurice- Cold Weather
“It was total chaos. I’ve been to rodeos that was less rambunctious than that. In that moment, my mind is just going a million miles a minute, trying to just process everything and keep cool. Sheena might about be ready to commit homicide, so I’m trying to manage, uh, that situation; I’m trying to understand what the heck just went down between Hannah and Nick; and uh, it’s all just a lot to take in at once. I’m really wishin’ Tallulah Mae hadn’t gone and sent herself to Exile right about now, because I could really use her help.”

“Alright, just what all is this situation?” Maurice asks. “What exactly is going on here?”

“Exactly what Hannah said,” Nick admits. “I went to her and told her all about our alliance, and I told her that if she didn’t flip with me now, you guys would use her and then dump her.” Nick shrugs.

Maurice nods, processing. Charlotte purses her lips. Olivia seems like she wants to say something, but isn’t sure what.

“What?” Nick asks, throwing his arms up. “It’s a game, guys, it’s a game!” he laughs. “I was playing the game, that’s all. You’re making it such a crazy big deal!”

“Well it kind of is a big deal,” Maurice says. “You just threw your whole tribe out the window, Nick, and backed the bus up over us. I just didn’t think you were the guy who would do that, is all. I thought I knew you better.”

“Well whose fault is that?” Nick says smugly.

“Look, it’s just… there’s only one winner, right?” Olivia says. “You can’t hold it against  us for wanting to do what we have to in order to win, can you?”

“So you knew he was gonna do this?” Maurice asks Olivia.

“I mean, no,” Olivia says, “but I knew that at some point Hannah had to find out what’s really been going on.”

“What he said is going on,” Maurice says, pointing at Nick, “and what’s actually going on are not the same thing, Olivia.”

He has a name,” Nick whines. “And you have no ground to stand on, Cowboy. Don’t try and yee-haw-aw-shucks your way out of this one, you f*cking liar.”

“Don’t try and turn this on me,” Maurice says.

“Liar,” Nick repeats. “Liar, liar, liar, liar.”

Maurice says nothing and simply turns away from Nick.

“Did y’all know about this?” he asks Charlotte and Vince. Vince shrugs and makes a face. Charlotte looks down.

“F*ck,” Maurice mutters under his breath.

Maurice- Cold Weather
“It looks like Nick has gone behind our backs and rounded up all the old Yeniseis and now he’s trying to run some kind of coup-d’état.  That’s four votes together now, and that’s scary, because it’s enough to make a tie, and if it’s a tie I have no say in what ends up happening. So as much as right now as I’m feeling really emotionally drained, this is when the game is really going to kick into overdrive, because I can’t just let that happen, I can’t let that be the end of my game. This is why the game is called Survivor, because here’s where you have to step up and survive.”




            The surface of the shallow water ripples as Sheena steps through it, unconcerned as the edges of her robe trail through the water behind her. She breathes deeply as she takes a fighting stance, closing her eyes as she tries to focus.

“Kiya!” she yells, striking at an unseen target. Her foot moves deftly alongside her hand, advancing her step. She continues to strike, moving swiftly and fluidly, almost as if she’s in a trance.

Sheena- Romanov Tribe
“When I perform a kata I like to visualize an opponent in my mind, and right now I’m just visualizing Nick,” she laughs. “Kata is like a way to practice martial arts all on my own. And when I’m fighting, I’m focusing on that, not on whatever else is going on in my life. So right now it’s just a really good way to get out my aggression out, because oh, there’s a lot of it.”

Sheena continues to strike and move through the kata.

Sheena- Romanov Tribe
“It’s totally a ‘fool me twice’ situation, you know? I gave Nick a second chance and I shouldn’t have, and that’s like… ugh, it’s embarrassing! He made our whole alliance look like chumps for taking him back. It’s just like… I’m almost more mad at myself than I am at him for letting him even get to me. But then I’m like… f*ck it, dude! You betrayed me? You’re dead.”

“Sya! Sya!” Sheena grunts with each thrust of her fist, her face clenched in iron-clad focus.

Sheena- Romanov Tribe
“Maybe we were close at the start but now as far as I’m concerned, this is the end. We had our fun but now it’s time to take Nick out behind the shed and put a bullet between his eyes. Anything goes as far as I’m concerned. Nick stepped up to this fight and he’s about to get knocked right out of it.”

“SKREE-YAAAAAH!!!!” Sheena roars, ending the kata with a flying kick in the air. She lands expertly and strikes a final pose, breathing heavily.



Immunity Challenge Day 27


House of Cards



“Come on in guys!”

The castaways walk into the arena for the days challenge, met by 7 marked poles rising out of the ground, a platform and ladder next to each of the stations. Next to each station is a stack of wooden tiles.

The players all take their spots on the mat in front of Jeff.

“We’ll now welcome back Tallulah from Exile Island,” Jeff announces as Tallulah joins the group from over the horizon. She looks a little worn out, but to be in decent spirits.

“We have a lot to catch up on,” Maurice whispers as he greets her with a hug.

“First things first,” Jeff says, “Sheena, I need to take back the Immunity Necklace.”

“Yeah, I know,” Sheena sighs, unclasping the fastener as she makes her way to the host. She puts the necklace in his hands, and he places it back on its perch, tempting the castaways.

“Individual Immunity is, once again, back up for grabs,” says Jeff.

Individual Immunity Necklace


“For today’s challenge, you’ve each been given an identical number of wooden tiles. You’ll stack those tiles in order to build a house of cards. The goal is simple—be the first one to build a stack that’s eight feet tall. The person who does that wins Individual Immunity and the safety that comes with it. Everyone else is vulnerable tonight at Tribal Council, where one of you will be voted out.”

Everyone nods in understanding.

“All right, let’s draw for spots, then we’ll go ahead and get started,” finishes Jeff.




With spots drawn, the eight castaways stand at their stations. Sheena is eyeing over the tiles, clearly trying to formulate a plan. Maurice breathes out, collecting himself.




            The challenge is on, and the castaways begin to build. The strategies are immediately diverse.

“Right away, we’re seeing a few different approaches,” Jeff notes as the players position their tiles. Sheena’s face is tense with focus as she works quickly, trying to raise her stack of green tiles. Vince, on the other hand, doesn’t even begin building, instead holding a red tile up against the meausring stick, trying to get an idea of how big the tile is. Charlotte, in yellow, is also attempting a fast start, but quickly loses her pieces.

“Oh, well now!” she grumbles as she tries to reset her tiles.

“Charlotte loses her stack,” Jeff notes. “Tallulah can barely get one started,” he says. The eldest player is having trouble just placing the first of her blue tiles on the base level of her platform.

“Maurice doing alright, he’s past the first foot” Jeff observes, noting Maurice’s stack of purple tiles. “Sheena doing well, she’s over a foot too! Vince, not even started yet. Looks like he’s got a strategy all his own.” Vince is now counting methodically through his tiles. He scrawls in the dirt with his finger, doing some math.

“Ahh!” Hannah squeals as her stack of white tiles collapses. Nick, who is methodically stacking black tiles, smirks as he notices Hannah’s tower collapse.

“Hannah loses it,” Jeff says, “she’s gonna have to start over. Nick, just past a foot now, looking steady. Sheena looking steady. Tallulah not looking steady.”

“Oh come on, really now?” Tallulah whines as her pitifully small stack once again collapses.

“Vince, finally starting to build,” Jeff notes, watching as Vince begins methodically and gently making a base to his tower.

The castaways continue to build, the stacks of cards climbing higher and higher. Sheena is the first to make it to five feet, and she moves up to the platform next to her station in order to continue stacking. Maurice, who is taller than her, isn’t forced to climb up when he reaches the same point. Suddenly, Maurice’s tower wobbles, and about half of it collapses.

“What? I didn’t even—what?” Maurice yelps, clearly frustrated. He mutters to himself as he begins picking up the fallen tiles.

“Maurice loses half his stack! Now Vince is catching up to where he is,” Jeff says, observing Vince as he continues to steadily and methodically work on his stack.

“Olivia, making some serious progress,” Jeff observes. “She’s now past five feet.” Olivia smiles as she places another orange tile from her position atop the platform.

Sheena looks over nervously at Olivia as she works on her tower, which, as it grows, has a visibly apparent slant to it.

“Sheena in the lead, but is that tower steady enough to make it?” Jeff wonders aloud. “Sheena now over six feet, Vince now over five feet!” Vince is picking up his pace, needing fewer cards for each subsequent layer of his tower. He is crouched on his platform, holding his breath tightly as he places each card.

Maurice smiles as he makes it back over five feet. Sheena goes to place her next tile, but can’t—her previous level collapses, but her structure stays mostly intact. She breathes out in relief and begins reconstructing.

“Sheena is in the lead, but she’s starting to lose that momentum,” Jeff says. “She’d love to take that necklace back. I’m sure everyone else would love to wear it. Nick now over six feet!” Jeff notes, Nick smiling from atop his platform.

“The breeze is starting to pick up,” Jeff warns as the pine needles begin to rustle in the wind. With almost no warning, Nick’s whole stack collapses.

“What the f*ck?” Nick snarls. “How—what?”

“Nick suddenly loses everything! He’s going to have to work fast. Vince is now gaining on Sheena, he’s at six feet, Sheena stalled at six and a half!”

“This is hard, okay?” Sheena grumbles to herself.

“Stay cool and calm, Vincent,” Charlotte says, still struggling at around four feet.

Vince says nothing in return, laser like focus as he places his cards.

“Olivia in this,” Jeff notes, “she’s past six feet. It’s Sheena, Vince, and Olivia leading this challenge.”

More time passes as the atmosphere only becomes more and more tense as the towers grow taller and less stable. Sheena is the first to breach the seven foot marker, with Olivia managing to surge past Vince for second place.

“Olivia now over seven feet, closing in on Sheena,” narrates Jeff.

“Are you kidding me?” Sheena grumbles, looking over at Olivia’s stucture.

“Oh no!” Olivia groans, realizing she’s run out of cards. She starts to pull tiles off the top of her stack, experimenting with a new strategy as she tries to make use of her dwindling resources.

“Sheena is in the lead, but that tower might not be stable,” Jeff warns.

“Oh, come on,” Sheena whispers, trying to keep her hand steady as she places a tile. About a third of her tower comes tumbling down.

“F*cker,” Sheena groans, throwing the tile in her hand down.

“Sheena loses a big chunk of her tower! Olivia has to take down part of hers. Now Vince is in the lead, at over 7 feet!”

“No way,” Maurice whispers to himself.

“You can do this, Vincent!” Charlotte cheers.

“Sheena desperately scrambling to rebuild her tower,” Jeff notes as Sheena, her face now growing red and hot, shakily tries to place another tile. “But will it be fast enough?”

Nick’s entire tower once again collapses. He screams out in frustration.

“Nick isn’t going to have time to rebuild that!” Jeff says, “Not unless Vince makes a costly mistake!”

“Let me tell you, that. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen!” Vince says, placing his final piece. He stands tall atop his platform, thrusting his arms in the air in celebration.





“YEAH! YEAH BABY!” Vince cheers for himself, smiling with unbridled pride. The other castaways clap in recognition. An angry Sheena swats her tower down. As Vince makes his way down from the tower, Charlotte meets him with an enormous, proud embrace.

“CeCe is going to be so, so proud of you,” Charlotte tells him.

“I know,” Vince says, trying to keep from getting emotional.


The castaways have all returned to the mat, Jeff once again staring them down.

“Get over here, Uncle Vinnie,” Jeff says warmly. Once again, the group applauds as the game’s oldest man heads over to claim his prize.”

“Vincent, that was an exceptional performance,” Jeff gushes, placing the immunity necklace on Vince’s shoulders. “You’ve truly earned the right to wear this necklace tonight. That means you are safe tonight at Tribal Council and get three more days in this game. As for the rest of you, I can’t say the same. One of you will become the 9th person voted out of this game and the second member of the jury. You have the rest of the day to figure out who that person will be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. I’ll see you tonight.”

The players gather their things and head off.


Nick- Romanov Tribe
“I’m so f*cking happy Sheena lost to Vince of all people, how funny is that? She’s going to be so pissed off, it’s hilarious. I don’t feel bad about that, because you know like, Sheena doesn’t really deserve my respect anymore, I’m over it. And with immunity on our side, the tiebreaker is in our favor. I feel like I finally have Sheena in a position where she’ll get to feel how I felt—totally powerless. And man, does it feel great.”




Romanov Day 27



The atmosphere is almost eerily calm as the castaways return to camp following the Immunity Challenge. Sheena looks absolutely furious as Vince removes the immunity necklace, placing it on its hook, looking very pleased with himself.

“Amazing job today, Uncle Vinnie,” Maurice congratulates, clapping the older man heartily on the shoulder. Sheena seethes silently, clearly trying to regulate her emotions.


Sheena- Romanov Tribe
“I wanted to vote Vince out last time! It’s like, at least I could have gotten out the person I wanted before NICK had to go and screw me over! And look what happened—today was the Survivor Lego Championships and—gasp!—Vince won. I know I’m a target, I feel like I’m probably the target, and I really could have used that immunity necklace tonight. It’s Nick’s fault that I’m exposed tonight, and it sucks. It’s the f*cking worst. And now I’m probably going to have to play the idol tonight, and that just blows, because had to really work to get this sucker. Do you the chain of people I had to manipulate to get my hands on this thing?” she says, dangling the fishing lure on display for the camera. “If I play this, there’s no guarantee I get another one, but if I don’t play it tonight, there might not be a next time for me to use it, so…” she laughs. “That’s basically where I’m at right now.”




Vince, Olivia, Charlotte and Nick stand huddled in a circle out in the meadow. Sheena, Tallulah and Maurice watch them from over at the campsite.

Vince- Romanov Tribe
“The rules of Survivor state that if there is a tie at the Tribal Council, then everyone’s gotta pull a rock out of a bag, and someone goes home completely by random. But there are ways to get out of having to do it. And one is winning Immunity, like yours truly,” he smiles, showing off the necklace. “But also, the players who are tied in the votes, they become safe too. So me and those two people won’t have to draw a rock, we get to move on safe. So when we’re deciding who to vote for, we need to be voting for the person who we don’t care if they stay, basically. And personally, as to who that person is, well, if you ask me it’s no choice at all, sorry.”

“It’s gotta be the little blonde, right?” Vince says. “Who we keep, I mean.”

“Absolutely,” Charlotte agrees. “She’s the one who is the least of a threat.”

“That’s the understatement of the century,” Nick says. “Well, I’m game for it. Even if we won’t be sending her home, I’m happy to finally get to write her name down.”

“I think we might actually be able to send her home,” Olivia says. “Because I don’t know that the others would go to rocks for her.”

“I think you’re underestimating the loyalty that they’re playing with,” Nick says, shaking his head. “Tallulah and Maurice will do it if Sheena tells them to do it, and Sheena hates not having control. There’s no way she’s going to risk losing her grip over the game.”

“But that’s exactly why I think she won’t do it,” Olivia says. “Go to rocks, I mean. Because, look, here’s the thing—Sheena is so hyper-competitive, I don’t think she’s going to risk her game for Hannah’s sake.”

“Well maybe we want to go to rocks,” Charlotte says. “Maybe that’s, you know… our chance to get someone like Sheena out of this game.”

“You’re willing to take that risk?” Olivia asks.

“Yes, absolutely,” Charlotte says. “At this point, what choice do I have? I know you understand, Vincent.”

“It’s go big or go home for us,” Vince nods.

“Vince has immunity, that means the odds are in our favor for the tiebreaker,” Charlotte continues. “And well… maybe our odds could be perfect?”

“How do you figure?” Nick asks.

“Well…” Charlotte says, trying to think. “Oh, I might as well just ask at this point—Olivia, is it true that you have two immunity idols?”

Olivia glances at Nick, who nods slightly.

“Well, it’s true that I have one,” Olivia admits. “Sheena has the other.”

“Damn it!” Vince spits.

“Language, Vincent,” Charlotte hisses. “Olivia, are you absolutely sure that this is the truth? Because if we want this to work out tonight, all the past this-and-that, it’s gotta be in the past.”

“Yes,” Olivia says, making direct eye contact with Charlotte. “It’s the truth. One-hundred percent.”

“You need to play it tonight,” Charlotte says.

“Yeah, I know,” Olivia responds. “That’s what I was going to do.”

“So that increases our odds,” Vince says, “only one of us has to draw a rock now.”

“Yeah, but Sheena’s probably playing hers too,” Nick says, groaning. “Which means we can’t get her out tonight.”

“Well then we get out Maurice or Tallulah,” Charlotte says. “I think that benefits all of us just as much.”

Olivia- Romanov Tribe
“Tonight, there is a lot to consider, but ultimately Hannah is our best bet. If Koryok stays loyal and we do go to rocks, we stand a really good chance to win the tiebreaker and take out Tallulah or Maurice. And if we can scare one of them into flipping, then Hannah is out and they lose a number anyway. The rational scientist in me knows that going to a tie is risky, even with the idol. Part of me almost wants to go and find out who Koryok is voting for, because, well… at least then I’d be putting myself in a majority, instead of doing this split. At least… I think that’s what I would have done a few days ago. At this point, I feel like I have to learn to just embrace risk, throw caution to the win, and play big. As much as it’s so not the game I wanted to play, it’s the game everyone seems to think I’m playing, so why not embrace it? Let me show you how big of a move I can make. Sheena.”




            Sheena, Tallulah, Hannah and Maurice sit huddled around the fire. Vince, Olivia, Charlotte and Nick watch from the meadow.

“I’m horrified,” Tallulah says, shaking her head. “Absolutely horrified.”

“Horrified–That’s literally the perfect word,” Sheena says, “because I want to scream.”

Maurice- Romanov No Hat
“After immunity, we had to fill in Tallulah Mae on everything that went down while she was away on Exile Island. And it was uh, not fun to relive,” he chuckles. “It’s just a terrible circumstance we’re in, you know? It’s like we’re being punished when nobody did nothing wrong. And uh, now we gotta figure out how we’re getting out of it.”

“So then… it’s just come to this?” Tallulah says, gesturing to the other four out in the meadow.

“Basically,” sighs Maurice, tilting his hat downward.

“So we’re just all okay with that?” Tallulah asks, stunned.

“No,” Sheena says. “Of course not, we get the short end of the stick here.”

Maurice- Romanov No Hat
“Between Vince winning immunity and Olivia having an idol, our side is going into this tiebreaker with the numbers against us. Basically we can vote tonight for either Charlotte or for Nick, and there’s a real chance that whichever one we do vote for will just become safe anyway. And then it will be two of us drawing rocks versus one of them, so the odds are not great for us.”

“Nobody’s okay with this, it’s just trying to figure out what we’re going to do about it,” Sheena continues.

“The problem is they’re stalwartin’’,” Maurice says.

“Ew,” Hannah shudders. “I hope they’re okay.”

“They know the best shot they’ve got is holdin’ tight and forcing a tie and hope that scares someone into flipping,” he continues, ignoring Hannah. “I don’t think there’s anything we can say to anyone to talk them off this ledge. You know how Nick is.”

“Well,” Tallulah asks, “have any of you tried talking to any of them?”

There’s a long pause.

“Tallulah, you weren’t here,” Sheena says. “You don’t know what it was like, nobody was talking to anybody.”

“So what, we just give up?” Tallulah asks.

“No!” Sheena says, clearly irritated. “I’m just… I’m trying to think about what to do. I have an idea, sort of, I’m just… trying to think through all the options,” she grumbles.

“Well you take some time and think,” Tallulah says, “and I’m going to go see what Nick has to say to me.”

Tallulah- Romanov Tribe
“Coming back from Exile Island, camp is in a complete state of chaos. There are two sides that aren’t even talking to each other, and we are now on a runaway train that is barreling towards a tiebreaker, and that doesn’t sit well with me at all! If it comes down to it, yes, I’ll draw a rock, but not without making a serious concerted effort to avoid that.”




Nick and Tallulah walk together in the woods.

“I just want to understand, Nick, exactly why you’ve chosen this series of actions. There’s no judgment, not from me. I just… I’m surprised.”

“TM, it’s a lot to explain,” Nick sighs. “It’s not about you, though, I can promise you that. It’s just I weighed my options and I feel like I have more room to get to the end of the game with them.”

“Well, did you not have a good chance getting to the end with a four person alliance? That’s the final four, that’s pretty close to final two,” Tallulah says.

“Yeah, but I have a better chance of getting there in a good position,” Nick says. “I’m playing to win, and the fact is I can’t win against Sheena, nobody can. She’s the ringleader of this entire game, and you and Maurice just don’t seem to care, so I can’t work with you guys. Zeke wasn’t the cult leader. Sheena’s the cult leader.”

“So I’m to surmise you’re calling me brainwashed?” Tallulah prods.

“I didn’t say that,” Nick yelps defensively. “It’s different for you because Sheena actually takes you seriously, TM.  Sheena doesn’t listen to me, she just bosses me around. How am I supposed to work with someone like that? How am I supposed to win if I just play lapdog to her?”

“This alliance,” Tallulah responds, “is not just Sheena, though. What about me? Maurice? Do we not take you seriously?”

“Well,” Nick begins, “yeah, you do, but—”

“Well then this is where I have a problem,” Tallulah interjects, “because you’ve taken your spite against Sheena and you’ve leveled it against me when I have been a consistent and genuine ally to you. Before the last Tribal Council, Nick, you told me just what you’re telling me now, that Sheena doesn’t listen to you, that you wanted Huang out, not Olivia, and that she wouldn’t even consider it. And so I went and talked to her on your behalf, and who went home, Nick? Who did we vote out?”

“Huang,” Nick says, “but that’s not the—”

“It is the point,” Tallulah says, “because you asked me for a chance to be heard and I gave it to you. I was away from this place, I didn’t even have my chance to make my case. If you wouldn’t grant me that after I did for you, then I’m sorry to tell you, but you are not the victim here. You haven’t been given trust because you have proven to all of us, time and time again, that you cannot be trusted. You did that yourself.”

Nick grimaces, thinking. “For whatever it’s worth, I’m really hoping that you and Maurice make it through tonight. And uh, I meant what I said about wanting to take whatever avenues forward will get me to that win, which means I’m open to us working together again in the future. Maybe even tonight.”

“How do you mean?” Tallulah asks, looking skeptical.

“I mean that I can’t tell you what’s going on now, you just have to understand that there’s a huge risk there. But I mean… once we all vote once, you’ll know who we’re voting for. So on the revote…”

“Are you trying to strike a deal with me?” Tallulah asks.

“I’m trying for us to both avoid something we don’t want any part of,” Nick says.


Tallulah- Romanov Tribe
“Nick basically told me that if I flip on the revote, he’ll work with me going forward. It’s a tempting offer, but I don’t know that I can trust what Nick says, especially when he has a proven history of making trouble. Maurice and Sheena, those are the people I trust. Even Hannah’s proven she can be trusted more than Nick. The question is if that trust is worth risking my own safety. So I have a lot of thinking to do before tonight.”







The rain has returned, and the castaways are once again huddled within the shelter, protected from the rain by the efforts of Vince’s engineering. The tribe sits in silence at either side of the tree that rises up as the shelter’s central support, divided into their respective factions, barely even paying attention to one another. Hannah lays in Tallulah’s lap, Tallulah running her fingers gently through her hair. Maurice and Sheena share a blanket over their shoulders next to them.


Sheena- Cold Weather
“When you’re toe-to-toe against your opponent, timing is everything. You can’t strike and defend at the same time, so you have to wait for the perfect time before you make that hit. Here on Survivor, the strike hits when the votes go in that jar. So everything until then is just watching, waiting, biding my time, looking for the right opportunity to counterstrike. I’ve got this idol just burning a hole in my bag, and I know I can throw that up and defend myself, and that would be a good move, obviously.  But if I can see an opportunity to strike first, I’ll take it. I want to win this game and I can’t do that if my alliance takes a hit tonight. I’ve planned to dominate this game from the beginning, and tonight is my chance to really prove I can do it. And until it gets here, all I can do is watch…”


Sheena’s eyes dart around the shelter. Vince absentmindedly runs his fingers through his beard. Olivia chews her lips, lost in thought. Charlotte stares pensively out into the rain.


Sheena- Cold Weather
“…and wait.”



Tribal Council Night 27

E9 Tribal Council


In the dark, starless sky, the moon is barely visible. Within the inky black of night, the flames of Tribal Council wreath the dilapidated baroque in eerie light. Torches in hand, the castaways enter, Jeff watching grimly. The mood permeates the atmosphere.

“We’ll now bring in the first member of our jury,” Jeff announces, “Huang, voted out at the last Tribal Council.”

Huang- Jury Member

Huang swaggers in, smiling broadly. His eyes light up when he sees the immunity necklace on Vince. He gives the older man a thumbs up.

“The jury is here to gather information in order to make a very important decision, when they vote to decide the winner at the end of this game,” Jeff explains. “The jurors are only here to observe, not to participate. Understood?”

Everyone nods, and Jeff takes his seat. He eyes the group, eager to start.

“So let’s start with the auction,” Jeff begins. “I’m assuming you all enjoyed yourselves?”

The group is silent, a few players sharing pointed looks. Nick can only chuckle in response.

“I didn’t mean for it to be a funny question,” Jeff says, “but if something is making you laugh, Nick, I’d be very curious to hear about it.”

“Let’s just get it out in the open then, right?” Nick says, shrugging. “That auction set off a whole lot of hell, Jeff. Because I feel like out of everything that everyone bought that day, I walked away with the one thing that everyone really wanted, and it was made very clear to me that some people didn’t feel as though I deserved to see that video from my family.”

“That is a misrepresentation of what happened,” Sheena says, raising her hand as if to ask permission to talk, even though she hasn’t been called on. “Nobody thought that, he’s just trying to justify himself. What I thought is that it was really sh*tty of him to buy the video on Hannah’s birthday when he could have just given it to her. So he got called out for being selfish and now is trying to play victim. That’s the situation that’s being misrepresented.”

“I just think it’s bullsh*t that you’d say that I’m misrepresenting things and then you go and say everything you just said,” Nick says, crossing his arms.

From the jury, Huang laughs, clearly amused by the drama.

“So what is the ‘hell’ that this stirred up?” Jeff asks. “Because this sounds like it’s about a little bit more than hurt feelings.”

“It’s about strategy,” Nick insists, causing Maurice’s expression to tighten and Hannah to roll her eyes.

“It’s about being a man-bitch,” Hannah mumbles to herself.

“My whole Koryok ‘Tribe’ has really shown me just how little they value my input,” Nick says. “How am I supposed to get to the end of this game and get there a with a shot at winning if I just go along with what everyone else wants and get dragged through like a puppet? This is me asserting my individuality and they’re all taking it as a personal afront.”

“From my vantage point, it does feel somewhat personal,” Jeff says.

“I think that’s because the personal and the strategic blend more and more the longer we’re out here,” Charlotte says. “I think it’s human nature for the people we trust to be the people we’ve bonded the closest with, and when those bonds weaken, so does trust. I think that this conflict helped highlight, for Nick, where he stood with Koryok.”

“And that’s got to be great news for you,” Jeff responds, “especially with Vince having immunity.”

“Without a doubt,” Charlotte says. “Yenisei has been hoping and praying for the moment when this six-person Koryok alliance finally began to turn on each other. It’s been our only shot at survival. So while yes, going to a tiebreaker is risky, at this point, I have absolutely nothing to lose, and that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it means we could possibly see a Koryok go tonight. It’s what gives me a fighting chance.”

“I don’t think I said anything about a tiebreaker,” Jeff snarks.

“That’s basically where we’re headed right now,” Maurice says. “Nick and Olivia have jumped ship, and the rest of us have decided we’re staying loyal to each other.”

“So Olivia, you’re involved in this too?” Jeff asks.

Olivia sighs. “Jeff, I feel like I’ve tried my absolute hardest to show Koryok that I wanted to play with them and be loyal to them, and the only person who ever really took that loyalty seriously was Nick. The others all lied to me in order to keep me feeling safe when the reality is that I had a place in the pecking order, just like everyone else. So of course once I found that out I decided to jump ship.”

“You’ve been lied to?” Jeff asks.

“Yeah,” Olivia says. “By Sheena, by Maurice, and by Tallulah Mae.”

“Oh yeah,” Nick says. “You see, the part that got left out, Jeff, is that there’s a big alliance here,” he says, pointing to the rest of the Koryok group, “with Sheena, TM, and Maurice.” Tallulah looks positively incensed.

“Not true,” Sheena says, shaking her head. “Blatantly not true.”

“So Hannah,” Jeff says, turning his attention, “Nick did not include you in that alliance he just named.”

“Yeah, because it’s a lie he made up,” Hannah says. “So of course, like, that’s what he’s gonna say it is. Nick is calling everyone else a liar but like, what’s to say that he’s honest? I think Nick was just trying to come up with a lie to tell me to try and get me to do what he wants, but like…” she giggles to herself, “look, Nick obviously doesn’t like me. He’s rude to me, he’s disrespectful to me, and I know that he’s tried to get me voted out. The rest of my tribe has never made me feel like I don’t belong the way he does. If I did flip, what’s to say that Nick doesn’t go and just vote me out anyway next time, once he’s gotten what he wants out of me?”

“That’s exactly right,” Tallulah says, nodding along with Hannah.

“I think that’s just ridiculous,” Olivia says, shaking her head. “Because Hannah is totally denying that her current alliance has her in the same position. When those three don’t need her anymore, she’s gone.”

“What do you know anyway, Olivia?” Sheena asks, turning towards the analyst. “If we’ve all been ‘lying’ to you, then how do you know what any of us are thinking regarding Hannah, or anyone for that case?”

“I trust what Nick’s told me, and I trust what I’ve seen with my own eyes,” Olivia says, crossing her arms.

“I trust what Nick has told me too,” Charlotte says.

“And so do I,” Vince pipes.

“Thank you guys,” Nick says, smugly.

“So just to be clear on the rules,” Jeff says, “if we do have a deadlocked tie tonight, here’s what’s going to happen. The players who the vote is tied between will both become immune. Vince, since you won immunity, you will remain immune. And if anyone happens to play a hidden immunity idol, they will also be immune. The rest of you will draw a rock out of a bag. One of those rocks will be a different color than all the rest, and the person who draws that rock goes home. Understood?”

Everyone nods.

“Tallulah Mae,” Jeff continues, “if that is where tonight’s vote heads, are you okay with that? Are you really willing to risk 27 days of struggle in this game to random chance?”

“I think all of us are very much hoping that something changes in the next few minutes,” Tallulah laughs, “that one person will step up and say that they’re not willing to risk a tie and that we can come to some sort of agreement. But at the same time, you have to think about the long term in a game like this one, we’re only on Day 27, we’re not at the end just yet. You could save yourself tonight, in the moment, only to end up in a situation three days from now where you are back here at Tribal Council having your torch put out anyway.”

“Or you could not be here three days from now because you got kicked out tonight,” Nick says.

“Well it’s like you said, buddy,” Maurice says, “are you playing to stick around, or are you playing to win? Sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit.”

“I’m not your buddy, pal,” Nick hisses. Sheena whips around to face Nick, eyes blazing.

“If you can seriously tell me right now that you don’t know that’s from South Park—”

“I’ve never seen it,” Nick says, smirking.

“Can we vote, Jeff?” Sheena says, whipping back around to face Jeff, the bun atop her head bobbling wildly. “I’m starting to get really sick of being here. No offense.”

“None taken,” Jeff says, smiling in anticipation. “Anyone else?”

The group is grimly silent.

“I think we all know what we came to do tonight,” Maurice says, breaking the silence.

“Then we’ll proceed,” Jeff says, nodding. “Vince has individual immunity–I can’t imagine you’re giving it up.”

“Hell would need to freeze over,” Vince says.

“That means you cannot vote for Vince, everyone else is fair game,” Jeff says. “Charlotte, you’re up first.”

With a curt nod, a determined Charlotte stands and heads down the hallway to the voting booth.


Charlotte casts her vote.

Vince casts his vote.

Tallulah casts her vote.

Hannah casts her vote.

Maurice casts his vote.

Sheena casts her vote.

Nick casts his vote.

Olivia casts her vote.


Olivia returns to her seat, looking deeply stressed as she sits. Jeff nods grimly.

“I’ll go tally the votes,” Jeff announces as he heads down the corridor. Charlotte stares into the flame as she waits. Nick adjusts his glasses. Tallulah rubs Hannah’s back comfortingly. Olivia clutches her bag to her chest like a stuffed toy.

After what seems to be eons, Jeff returns.

“If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it,” the host states, “now would be the time to do so.”



















Olivia nods and stands, opening her bag.

“Pardon the pun,” she says, producing the idol, “but I don’t want the bell to toll for me tonight,” she says, approaching Jeff. She hands him the idol. Jeff nods as he takes it.

“The rules of Survivor state that if a hidden immunity idol is played, any votes cast against that person will not count,” Jeff says. “This is a hidden immunity idol, and any votes for Olivia will not count.”

Olivia smiles, looking somewhat satisfied.











Sheena sighs and stands up as well.

“Well I don’t want to be left out,” Sheena says, producing the fishing lure from her own bag. Nick nods knowingly as Sheena approaches Jeff, handing him the idol. She turns and faces the tribe, her eyes darting across the group, watching for reactions.

“Sharing is caring, you know,” Sheena says, turning back to the host. “So, uhh….. happy birthday, Hannah,” Sheena says, turning and blowing a kiss to Hannah. “This is for you.” Hannah’s jaw drops, but she quickly adjusts to a big smile, clearly elated to be safe. Jeff nods in understanding as Sheena returns to her seat. Charlotte and Vince take each other’s hands, looking nervous. Sheena touches Hannah’s shoulder as she takes her seat. Maurice crosses his fingers. Nick’s teeth are clenched, his eyes locked straight on the host of the game.

“This is also a hidden immunity idol,” Jeff says, “and any votes for Hannah will not count.” He pauses, waiting for any other players to stand, but no one does.

“Once the votes are read,” he continues, “the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.” He removes the top of the urn, and reveals the first piece of parchment.


“The first vote…



















Charlotte's Vote- Hannah

… Is for Hannah, and does not count.”



Vince's Vote- Hannah

“Hannah, does not count.”

Hannah smiles, looking jubilant. Tallulah grabs her hand in excitement. Vince frowns, as he turns to look at Charlotte.




Olivia's Vote- Hannah

“Hannah, does not count.”


Nick's Vote- Hannah

“Hannah, does not count. That’s still no votes for anyone.”

Hannah applauds, grinning. Maurice pats Sheena on the shoulder in total excitement.  Jeff reaches into the urn slowly, pausing as he looks at the next vote, the anticipation among the castaways building.


































































































Maurice's Vote- Nick


“Fuck,” Nick groans, collapsing with his face in his hands. He exhales sharply. Charlotte breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Hannah's Vote- Nick

“Nick. That’s two votes Nick.”

“I’m so sorry,” Olivia whispers, turning to Nick.

“Don’t be,” Nick smiles weakly.

Sheena's Vote- Nick


“The ninth person voted out of Survivor: Siberia and the second member of our jury: Nick.”

Sheena, Tallulah, Maurice and Hannah all erupt with glee, sharing high fives and hugs amongst each other.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Sheena howls, jubilant. “That’s what you get, Nick,” Sheena says, jabbing her pointed finger at his face him. “That’s what you get.” Nick says nothing, only flipping her off. Huang chuckles as he watches.

“Tonight, three is enough,” Jeff continues. “We’ll leave the last vote a secret. Nick, I need you to bring me your torch.”

“Well f*ck,” Nick laughs, standing up. Olivia stands with him and gives him a hug.

“I’m so sorry, Nick,” Charlotte whispers, taking his hand. He smiles at her before going to grab his torch.

“By the way, thanks for the idol,” Sheena taunts as he passes. Nick ignores her, looking absolutely furious as he angrily plants his torch.

“Nick, the tribe has spoken,” Jeff says, snuffing the flame before him. “It’s time for you to go.”

Without another word, Nick heads off into the dark, cold night. Olivia looks like she just swallowed something sharp as she watches him disappear.

“That was wild,” Huang whispers to himself.

“Well,” Jeff says, turning to face the group, “the last time you were here, there was a lot of talk about bombs waiting to go off. I think tonight we saw fireworks. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Goodnight.”

The Romanovs grab and collect their things. Sheena and Hannah share another hi-five. Maurice’s smile goes from ear to ear as he takes his torch, the last to leave, his torch following the others back into the wild.

Seven remain. Who will be the next to go?



With both idols now played, one castaway becomes obsessive in their desire to claim one of the powerful trinkets. Two players visit a Russian Village on a one-of-a-kind shopping adventure. And Vince undertakes his grandest project yet.


Nick- Cold Weather
“That… that… what? What in the hell, I mean, seriously, f*cking damn it! I never thought in a million years that Sheena would play that idol for anyone but herself, so I mean, credit where it’s due, I guess. I mean, I went all out to try and shake things up, at the very least, it’s not like I just laid down and accepted my fate, you know? But damn, I’m so angry! I think we were really close to making some magic happen, so yeah, I’m pissed! But you know, at the same time, it’s like… if by me coming out here, I brought my family and my girl a little closer together, hey, that’s something. And at least I get to be on the jury. Hopefully Sheena joins me soon, because I have a lot to say to her.”

Episode 9 Voting Chart