Bandar Tribe

Bandar Tribe

The Bandar Tribe is named for a Hindi word meaning “Monkey.” Their Tribe color is gold.

Brett Profile
Serious-minded Brett was born and raised in Texas. He’s lived throughout the state, recently having worked in El Paso as a part of the DEA. He grew up in a much more rural environment, however, where he and his four brothers spent a childhood roughing each other up and exploring the woodlands in the surrounding area. An experienced outdoorsman, Brett’s hobbies include camping, hunting, and fishing. He is also very involved with activity in his church. Between his background in law enforcement and his knowledge of the outdoors, Brett believes that he’s the castaway to beat. He currently lives in Arlington with Jean, his wife of nine years, and their three-year-old daughter Isabella.




Gavin Profile
The youngest of Survivor: India’s castaways is Gavin. At just 19 years old, this rising college sophomore is nevertheless confident his age won’t hold him back: “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think I could win the whole thing,” he says. An avid gamer, Gavin loves to hone his competitive spirit, and feels that while he isn’t the most physically imposing of the men in the game, he has great hand-eye coordination and a lot of intelligence. Having still not declared his major, one of Gavin’s hopes is that he can win the money in order to be able travel and soul-search over his direction in life. When not away at school, he lives with his parents, younger sister, and his beloved dog Cheez-Puff.




Jordyne Profile
Chicago native Jordyne thinks being “shameless” is a positive quality. “Having no shame means you don’t let other people get under your skin about decisions you make for yourself,” she says. It’s a mentality that credits with helping her withstand the judgment of others, such as her parents, who haven’t spoken to her since she started stripping two years ago. Having grown up in a family where money was tight and arguments between her now divorced parents were common, Jordyne feels she had to learn how to take care of herself at a young age, and thinks her self-sufficiency is her biggest strength. Jordyne says she couldn’t care less about the adventure–she’s playing Survivor for the money and she’ll do anything in her power to get it. A “social butterfly” who loves to party, Jordyne would love to invest in a home where she’d be able to better host and entertain her friends. 




Marina Profile
You’ll never hear Marina say she’s “not like other girls,” even if most of her friends and family would tell you that’s true. While other girls were playing with Barbies, she was playing with her contractor father’s power tools in their home outside of Orlando. Now, as an adult, she uses those same tools as the only female mechanic at the auto-repair shop where she works. She feels that her success in a male-dominated field is due to her creativity and industriousness. “I never back down from a challenge. If someone says ‘you can’t do it,’ that makes me want to prove them wrong,” she says.  An avid hiker, Marina thinks her outdoors experience, handiness with tools, and athleticism will help her to succeed in the game.



Mathieu Profile
Mathieu was born and raised in Kinshasa, the capital of what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and came to America with his mother and siblings after fleeing the political conflict and turmoil which engulfed the nation in the late 90’s. Ever since his childhood in a country rife with violence and civil unrest, Mathieu dreamed of somehow devoting his life to helping people, which motivated his decision to pursue medicine. A general practitioner, Mathieu prides himself on his own healthy lifestyle, specifically in how it is reflected in his body, which he is not shy about showing off. He recently entered his first bodybuilding competition, but feels the opportunity to play Survivor is worth the strain on his “temple.” He considers himself confident, flirtatious, and giving. Currently single, he hopes to use the money and the opportunity of appearing on Survivor to help raise awareness of issues facing immigrants and refugees.




Rex Profile
Rex Richards will eagerly tell you that to his devoted fanbase he’s better known as “Rain-Man,” and is also known as “the most beloved meteorologist in Colorado and possibly the United States and/or the world.” “It’s not my fault I’m so charismatic, good looking and humble,” he states. He’s been on air at his local station for almost 20 years, and has become well known as a community staple for his bizarre, off-kilter humor and generally over-the-top personality. Rex claims he will do anything for get a laugh, and responds to accusations of being an attention seeker as “absolutely, 100% accurate.” “The great thing about being in your early 30’s like I am,” Rex insists, “is that I’ve got the wisdom to own who I am without apology.” He predicts a zero percent chance of him losing the game.




River Profile
River has loved to sing ever since she can remember, whether it be to the songs of her first pop-idol, Whitney Houston, or with the choir at her elementary school. She never expected that after enrolling in The School for Creative and Performing Arts in her hometown of Philadelphia that she’d end up falling in love with opera. A classically trained soprano, performing in operas has given River the opportunity to travel the world, taking her to countries like Australia, Brazil, The United Kingdom, and China. Within the last year and a half, she made the decision to stop touring and return to her hometown in order to help care for her ailing mother, who is battling cancer. She feels that her experiences as a performer and traveler have taught her how to connect with a various types of people, and she feels that will be her biggest asset in the game. She hopes that her people skills will allow her to win the grand prize and take some of the financial burden off of her parents.




Shelby Profile
Nothing bothers Shelby more than complainers. She feels she was raised to be a “problem solver” by her Taiwanese immigrant parents, who left almost everything they knew behind to gamble on a better life for themselves and their children. Having seen her parents and others in their community fight through “incredible odds,” Shelby feels that you can accomplish whatever goal you set for yourself if you’re willing to put in the work. She and her husband Adrian work hard to instill those lessons in their two children, 17 year-old Lila and 14 year-old Jonas. While Shelby has worked in the past as a business consultant and corporate trainer, she now writes an online advice column, lending her own parenting experience as a working mother to frustrated parents in need of guidance. She believes her ability to “talk sense” into people will benefit her in the game of Survivor.