Saap Tribe

The Saap Tribe is named for a Hindi word meaning “Snake.” Their Tribe color is green.

Andrew Profile
To his crew on the Majesty of Poseidon, Andrew is “Captain,” but he largely prefers to be “Dad” to his three children–with Selena, his wife of 17 years. Andrew started sailing during family beach vacations in his youth, but honed his skills as a member of the US Navy in his 20’s. After he and his wife started a family, Andrew felt it was time to leave the military behind, not wanting to drag his family around behind him. He now spends half the year at sea during peak cruise season, and the other half at home with his family, where he enjoys watching sports, swimming, and playing poker. Andrew is passionate about his job, which combines his love of the sea with his love of making people happy, but he laments the long stretches of time he’s separated from his family. With years of leadership experience under his belt, Andrew is confident that this trip away from home will be well worth the sacrifice.



Brock Profile
Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Brock sometimes found it hard to fit in as a mixed-race child in a predominately white neighborhood.  Despite the sometimes less than welcoming attitudes of others, Brock never struggled with his confidence, especially when he was among the first of the boys in his school to shoot up in height. Standing at 6’3″, he eventually became a standout on his high school basketball team. Ultimately, Brock chose to leave athletics behind after being approached by a modeling agent via social media. After high school, he moved to New York City, where he now works as a bartender to fill in gaps between modelling jobs.



Irene Profile
 Irene is excited to play Survivor because of the chance to shake up her “boring” life. She feels it is an excellent opportunity to take a risk and push out of her comfort zone, a task she admits has been traditionally difficult for her. Irene has lived in the Dayton, OH area her whole life, including for her unfinished tenure at the University of Dayton, which she left after deciding school “wasn’t for her.” She’s worked a variety of jobs, having spent time as a server, call center representative, and dog walker. Most recently prior to Survivor, she worked as an associate at Hot Topic, a job which she claims to have enjoyed because it let her “hang out with weirdos all day.” Outside of work, she enjoys listening to and playing music, getting tattoos, and spending time with her pet rats.



Jamie Profile
 “I have been asked if I’m from Duck Dynasty before,” laughs Jamison–Jamie to family and friends–“but I couldn’t be more different in a lot of ways.” Born and raised in Northern Louisiana, Jamie spent his teenage years shooting beer cans with BB guns, off-roading in friends’ trucks, and working part-time at his father’s Bait and Tackle shop. Despite being a “prototypical country boy,” Jamie still often felt he didn’t fit in with his Southern small town, by virtue of his political beliefs and his sexual orientation. Jamie was rejected by many in his community after coming out as gay, which is why he feels so passionately about campaigning for the rights of marginalized people. After spending most of his early 20’s in New Orleans, he moved to Montgomery, Alabama, to work with the Southern Poverty Law Center, where he organizes volunteer efforts for fundraising purposes. He lives with his boyfriend, Roger.


Jill Profile
At 58 years old, Jill, who recently became a grandmother for a second time, is the oldest of the castaways competing in Survivor: India–though you wouldn’t know it from talking to her. She claims her “infectious” and “youthful” energy comes from her over 30 years of experience as an elementary school teacher and the sheer amount of time she spends around children. For her, the fit is natural. A talented baker and cook, Jill also loves spending time with her own children, all three of whom are now grown, as well as with her husband, Jack. The family have always been avid campers, and still take annual trips together. Jill believes that her extensive outdoors experience will surely be an asset for her out in the wilds of India that will help compensate for impressions surrounding her age.



Marco Profile
Marco feels that over the course of his life, he’s learned that the biggest keys to success are flexibility and and an open mind. One of three children to first-generation Mexican American parents, Marco grew up in a very strictly regimented and traditionally Catholic household. This caused an incredible rift between Marco and his parents when, in college, he got his then-girlfriend pregnant. Despite originally feeling he had “ruined his life,” Marco took to fatherhood naturally when his twin daughters, Maria and Morgan, were born. His newfound passion for his children and their well-being inspired him to start a business helping other new parents as a childproofing consultant. Almost seven years later, he’s developed his business into the premiere high-end childproofers in Southern California, specializing in designing luxury pieces for style-conscious parents that are both child-safe and aesthetically pleasing. With a mostly upper class customer base, Marco admits he doesn’t really care about the money–he wants to win Survivor as an example to his daughters that they can do whatever they put their mind to.



Ryan Profile
Ryan will be the first one to admit to you that she’s been called a “bitch” before, but she claims she’s just “misunderstood” by “people with low self-esteem.” Ryan admits that her intensity can put people off sometimes, but she has no apologies for her headstrong attitude. Growing up in the suburbs of Northern Califorina, Ryan was a hard-working and disciplined student whose passion for success was only rivaled by her passion for fashion and style (she has been wearing her hair in her “signature” pigtails for years). She credits her success in the fashion world to her willingness to be cutthroat in her approach and stubborn when it comes to giving in. She doesn’t see anything wrong with being competitive, citing competition as a major driving force for her own personal growth. Her competitive nature is also brought out in her hobbies, such as playing tennis or Settlers of Catan with her boyfriend, James, who she lives with in Los Angeles.



Vanessa Profile
New experiences have never frightened Vanessa, who refers to herself as a “thrill-seeker.” She loves roller coasters, horror movies, and the occasional wild night out with her girlfriends–but her biggest adventure has been leaving her parents, sister, family and friends behind in her native New Jersey when she relocated to St. Louis, MO for a job opportunity. She currently works with the human resources department of a major pharmaceutical company as an employment recruiter. Despite her adventurous spirit, she has never been camping, but she believes her competitiveness, athleticism, and sense of humor will make her an asset regardless.